We're Ready To Dive Into The Lagoon Nails Trend

Do you ever catch yourself daydreaming about running off to a beautiful lagoon during a stressful workday or boring weekend? We'd be surprised if you didn't. For anyone who might wonder exactly what a lagoon is, the Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines a lagoon as "a shallow sound, channel, or pond near or communicating with a larger body of water." Sounds nice, right?

If you need even more reason to start fantasizing about lagoons, search #lagoon on Instagram, where you'll find over a million pictures of these gorgeous settings. Unfortunately, we know that ditching all responsibilities and escaping to a lovely lagoon isn't practical for most people. However, you can incorporate lagoon-like manicures into your look, so next time you feel you need a mental escape to a lagoon, all you have to do is look down at your nails for plenty of inspiration. A lagoon-inspired nail look can be achieved in many different ways.

Blue, blue, blue

Whenever we want to achieve a water-inspired manicure, we, of course, immediately reach for blue nail polish. Thus, an easy way to create a lagoon or ocean-inspired manicure is to paint your nails blue. So, go out and buy the best blue nail polish you know and paint your nails blue like the color of water.

Or go greener

Green is the "it" nail color of the moment, so we had to include it in this list. While blue is typically the more expected choice for the most ocean and sea-inspired manicures, lagoons can have a greenish tint. Plus, green is frequently associated with nature, giving you another reason to opt for green nail polish.

Get the best of blue and green with teal nail polish

Can't decide between painting your nails blue or green for lively lagoon looks? Get the best of both hues with teal! A teal manicure will likely look most like an actual lagoon and provide a more unique look than classic blue or green polish.

Add some sparkle

Do you admire how oceans and lagoons seem to sparkle under the sunlight? Then you need to add some sparkle to your lagoon nails. Whether you opt for a shiny shade of teal, apply some glitter on top of the polish, or add some shine with an ultra-glossy top coat, the sparkle will elevate your lagoon-like manicure.

Opt for sea-like nail art

You can add lagoon inspiration to your nails in more ways than just choosing a water-inspired hue. Nail art is an excellent way to nail — pun intended — that summery lagoon look. If you know how to paint designs on your nails, try adding fish, waves, or shells. If you're not a nail expert, treat yourself to a trip to the salon or look for some sea-inspired decals.

Try a lagoon-inspired French manicure

People are getting super creative with French manicures in 2023, making it the perfect year to try blue, green, or teal French manicures to resemble a lagoon. Whether you keep it consistent, experiment with various shades, or add sparkle, a lagoon-inspired French manicure will be super fun and trendy in 2023.