Green Is The It Nail Color Of The Moment - Here's How To Rock It In Every Shade

Green is an incredibly versatile color, with plenty of shades to choose from to reflect your mood, aesthetic, or simple color preference. Green is associated with wealth, nature, gems, life, and youth, along with several animals. It's the shade of the season, and, much like the bubble gloss mani trend, green nails are super in right now. The trick, of course, is finding the exact right look and shade for you when there are so many to choose from! With how complicated nail art trends are becoming, finding something worth spending your money on sometimes takes a lot of consideration. 

While green is the nail color of the moment, it's certainly not going anywhere. Green nails will be popular so long as manicures are, so these are looks you can save, recycle, and use as inspiration for other manicure styles later on down the line. Green nails will certainly have something perfect for you regardless of your aesthetic, preferred nail shape and length, or design preferences. 


Viridian nails are comparable to emerald or forest but with just a touch of a blue hue that makes them look almost like deep water. Darker colors are bold and unapologetic, perfect for those who are looking for a gem tone that isn't too oversaturated. This clean-cut look is beautiful but simple enough that you can even do it yourself with an at-home dip manicure.


This manicure features adorable, tiny daisies expertly painted on top of a spring green base and topped off with a shiny gloss. This look is perfect for any age, though it may make your inner child scream with delight. Flowers infamously pair well with manicures, so combining them with the trend of the season is a smart move. 

'60s style

The '60s were all about radical colors and wavy patterns, and that's exactly what this manicure brings to the table. Almost too cute to be real, these nails feature an uncolored base nail and a perfectly painted design of greens and white in what could almost be called an oil-slick manicure. With the nude base, there's plenty of room to play around with other elements, whether flowers — another staple from the '60s — or gems. 

Serpentine marble

Marbled nails are all the rage, so why not combine some green to make for a serpentine marble nail? A clear gloss topcoat works wonders on this style, and the addition of a French tip accent nail adds a level of sophistication to the look and breaks up the monotony. Want to make it a little more extravagant? Try adding in some veins of gold. 

Opposites attract

These neon nails really brighten up a room, especially with the impressive design work on the middle and ring finger. Green and pink is a great example of opposites complementing each other — and not just in these shades. This is a great look for those who want to get on the 2000s comeback train, as well as anyone who enjoys employing bright colors, black and white, or beige to their outfits. 


Abstract nail art is hard to beat when it comes to being simple and cute. These abstract nails flawlessly combine four different shades of green, one of which is a glitter polish, to make the perfect green manicure. This look can be made more fun by adding a sparkly top coat or toned down by removing the already-present glitter. 


This manicure doesn't just grab your attention — it continues to hold it even after an initial glance. This color pallet, similar to green flames, is the staple of several big-screen villains with an aesthetic twice as cunning as their evil plans. These nails look great both in matte and gloss, and they work especially well with sharper nail shapes.  


This shade of green is cool enough to take the bite out of a hot summer day. Sherbert ice cream aims for this exact shade when with lime and green apple flavors, and, as cute as a quick pic of a nicely arranged dessert can be, it's got nothing on this manicure. While the color might look a little intense in the bottle, just know it's going to look gorgeous once it's dry on your nails! 

Green chrome

High-shine chrome manicures are very in right now, and it's no secret why. Just look at how stunning these nails turned out! A chrome French tip is a perfect modern look, and, coupled with green, it's bound to turn heads. This manicure is perfect for those who like the chrome trend but don't want a solid nail of it, and the French tip works perfectly on any nail shape. 

Green and swirl

Asymmetrical nail art is becoming more and more popular, especially when paired with abstract or minimalist designs. These gorgeous nude-based nails look stunning with a hint of sage green polish and swirling white lines. This look is equally cute matte, but the shine really brings a sense of motion to the lines. Spice this look up by doing different shades of green on different nails.  

River stones

Mix and match various shades of nature green for a river-stone look. This look combines the simplicity of a full-color nail with the free-spirit vibe that differentiating colors give off. One of the best parts of a style like this is that it's incredibly easy — and inexpensive — to mimic at home. The other is that these shades of green all go well with both silver and gold, so, no matter your jewelry preference, it will go well with your manicure. 

Mix and match

An encapsulated French tip is beautiful, especially with a gold frame, and having two different colors of green to mix and match between the two is a look to die for! Naturally, frog green and lily pad green go splendidly together, and that touch of gold adds a golden hour vibe to the set. These nails are super fun without looking unprofessional, making for the perfect elevated aesthetic. 

French accent

Matching the color of your French tip accent nails to the color of the rest of your solid nails can make for a put-together look that works on any nail shape. This style is perfect for those who want to shake it up a little without leaving the classics behind, and, of course, this shade of green makes the whole manicure interesting and beautiful. 

Enchanted forest

Lean a little more into maximalism with these enchanted forest nails, which feature a faux French tip of everest green, gold lines, and amazing painting skills to make a mushroom and moon. You can choose to keep the 3D leaf, paint it, or keep a 2D manicure. This look is perfect for those who are fond of the cottagecore aesthetic. 

Jealous love

Late '90s kids may be reminded of the Powerpuff Girls with this inspired manicure, most especially Buttercup, the green Powerpuff girl. Others might see the green heart and flame-like line work and see jealous love. No matter your interpretation of this manicure, it's clearly an adorable style that employs perfectly complementing shades of green and accents of white, perfect for any nail style. 

Green as grass

Chanel your inner Poison Ivy with these grass-like patterns, which charmingly create a heart on some fingers and support dew-drop-like gems on others. Balance the look out with a semi-transparent green French tip, and you've got yourself a style that's unique, stylish, and fresh. Keep it a bit more natural by using a non-glitter polish, or make it extra shiny with a shimmery base.

Solid chrome

A solid chrome manicure catches the light and eyes alike with its daring, modern vibe and looks stunning no matter your nail shape, accessories, or clothing. The chrome look has been gaining a lot of traction, so be sure to get ahead of the curb and style this manicure while it's still up and coming. 

Spring fling

Mixing retro with modern is a surefire way to create a cute and unique style, and that's exactly the result of this manicure. The charming abstract shapes the green polish make mesh perfectly with the bits and pieces of flowers cleverly painted in around the edges of each nail. This look especially shines with silver jewelry, but gold looks beautiful, too. 


Looking to shake it up just a bit with a solid-colored nail? This manicure has you covered. With two accent nails, you have plenty of room to make creative choices, and these do not disappoint. A white nail with gold and matching green sequins at the base, along with a colored nail covered in gold sequins brings out the beautiful conifer green color of these nails. 

Tennis date

Once again proving to be a match made in heaven, these tennis green-and-pink nails make for a perfectly pigmented combo. While the colors alone are enough to bring tennis to mind, the clever design on the ring and middle finger, along with a subtle stripe of white, really bring the picture home, all without any need to actually paint on any tennis ball or racquet. 

All natural

These olive green nails look like something straight out of nature, especially with the clever animal print technique on the two accent nails. This manicure proves that mixing gloss and matte nails in one manicure is a great combination when done right, so much so that you don't even notice the difference at first glance. Embrace your inner nature lover with these nails, and, perhaps, even add in a few more nature-themed details to make this set uniquely yours. 


No list of anything green would be complete without something reptile-related. These alligator-inspired nails combine two perfect shades of green to create a scale-like pattern, perfect for a poolside look or an outfit with dark leather. This manicure works well with chunky jewelry and accessories in both gold and silver. For an even more reptilian look, try a claw-shaped nail. 

'90s girl

Green and purple is another set of colors that mesh perfectly together, and with a bit of white to balance them out, this manicure is simply darling. The '90s pastel and cloud-like shapes and lines pair perfectly with a bit of pink glitter. If you wear denim, this is definitely the look for you, as this style works perfectly with any denim blue. 


These mismatched, radioactive green nails are exactly the pop of neon color you need to spice up your look this spring. The different styles on each nail pair well together, especially with one shimmer nail to balance out the look. Best of all, the style works absolutely perfectly with any nail shape or length. If the colors are a little too intense, feel free to copy the design while choosing different hues. 

Faux French

Aren't these nails simply to die for? These matcha green nails employ what could almost be called a French tip and then add swirling lines to the mix. Simple, yet creative, remixed French-tip nails are as popular as green manicures this year, so the combo is extra desirable for those looking for fresh trends to follow. 

Green and gold

If you haven't been sold on the idea of clear nails before, this look may just change your mind. With a clever mix of pale mind green and natural gold, these nails bring elegance in spades. The gold foil on the pinky nail truly ties this versatile style together, and the marbling effect on the ring finger is simply darling.


Chartreuse is a color without an equal, and, as an entire, solid set of nails, it shines almost neon. These nails certainly ascribe to the dopamine look, and, no matter your outfit, they're sure to brighten your look. These nails almost make a great base for any white designs or 3D appliques, so keep the color in mind if looking to do something original. 

Juniper dreams

As well as white accents green, black certainly shouldn't be left out of the equation. These juniper French-tip nails almost look like leaves folding over one another, curling in a dreamy pattern anyone would love in a manicure. The nude base brings out the darker, deep tones in the green, especially with the black line work, so if you choose to go with a colored base, go with something light or neutral.


These jade French-tip nails are beautifully complemented by flakes of gold. Not only is jade a combination of jadeite and nephrite, but it's also one of the oldest written characters in the Chinese language. As timeless as this stone is, it will never go out of style, especially in the form of a manicure. 


TikTok's eyeshadow nail trend is at the top of the charts, and, combined with green, it makes a stunning manicure that looks just like a watermelon. As simple as this look may seem at first glance, the careful blending technique it employs can be difficult to replicate, so this may not be a trend to try at home if you're a beginner. Want to make this manicure even more melon-like? Use black nail polish to create tiny dots for seeds!


Spring and summer mean plenty of opportunities for a picnic, and what picnic would be complete without the classic checkered blanket? As the weather gets warmer, celebrate a goodbye to the cold with these checkered French tip nails, which perfectly encompass the spirit of sunshine. For a cute additive, you can paint a little black ant (or any other picnic-themed item) on one of your accent nails.

Check, please

Green is tied to wealth, and this manicure certainly takes that tidbit into consideration. This dollar-green manicure employs sharp lines and high gloss for a high-brow, elevated look that goes perfectly with any designer handbag or jacket. Chunky gold jewelry or delicate silver rings go perfectly with this design. This manicure works best on square-shaped nails, but don't be afraid to try it out on a curved nail, either. 

Polly Pocket

Right in line with '90s nostalgia, this year comes the Polly Pocket nail trend, which, in green and purple, is too cute for words. The hearts mix super well with the gently curved French tip, an the solid green middle nail ties the look together nicely. To really make this a Polly Pocket look, you, of course, need the extra glossy top coat, but if you like the colors and want a different vibe, this would look great in matte, too. 

Gradient green

Once again hitting on the viral eye-shadow nail trend, this careful gradient between green and white makes for a beautiful manicure. This look works best glossy, but, to add a bit of excitement to it, feel free to do a glitter top coat. This style works on any size or shape of nail, so you can try it out no matter your preference. 


Another perfect twist on the classic French tip is this avocado manicure, which seamlessly blends greens and white together in a perfect arch. To get the best avocado look, you'll need to have rounded or almond-shaped nails, and if you really want to imitate the avocado, a little line of brown curved at the cuticle would complete the look nicely. 

Glitter green

Another perfect style for the at-home manicure, these glittering green nails look jaw-dropping under the light. You can accomplish this look either with a glitter green polish or with a regular green base and a super glittery topcoat. While these nails may be simple, they're enough to turn anyone green with envy, so whether or not you want to do them yourself, give them a try the next time you're looking for an uncomplicated look.

Toxic shock

Perfect for the grunge girl or rave-lover, these toxic shock nails are a semi-transparent combo of deep green and swirling neon. The exact vibe of these nails heavily depends on the shape of your nails, so you can curtail it to your aesthetic easily with a few changes. This look doesn't work as well with matte, but if you're a lover of a glossy nail, this edgy look may be for you.

Fern swirl

Similar to malachite, these nails employ a light fern color with a deeper, almost aquamarine green. The results are fantastic, with a natural, elegant swirl, especially in the French tip. The accent nails really bring this style together, and, with the almost pearl base, this manicure gives a sense of water and gem at the same time. 


Speaking of gems, emerald is one of the most well-known and loved of the green gems. With a gold frame around the outside and hints of shimmer within, these nails could almost be gems hanging off of a delicate gold chain. This look is sophisticated, elevated, and elegant, all without being too over-the-top. The blend of multiple greens in the nail is what makes this look shine, so don't be afraid to experiment with different color combos. 

Fairy realm

With so many different green manicures to choose from, it can be tempting to want a little bit of everything. Why not go with it? These magical nails bring the fairy realm to the real world, with different combos of green, glitter, shine, and 3D elements. While the look is somewhat complicated, it in no way looks or feels overwhelming, and each element nicely balances out the last. Try this style out to bring a hint of whimsy to your look.