Polly Pocket Nails Are The Manicure Trend For Your Inner Child

To say that '90s nostalgia is overtaking spring and summer trends is an understatement. With Barbiecore in full swing, the newest nostalgic trend of the final decade of the 20th century is a nod to the miniature plastic world of Polly Pocket. Created in 1983 by Chris Wiggs, Polly Pocket came about because a caring father wanted to make a fun toy for his daughter, according to Love to Know. If you associate Polly Pocket's portable containers with looking like compact mirrors or makeup containers, it's because the very first Polly Pocket was built inside of a makeup compact. Polly Pocket became available on the market in 1989, just in time to make her iconic presence in the '90s era. Toymakers managed to fit jungles, undersea wonderlands, and even castles into portable Polly Pocket cases, all of which had eye-catching color schemes and resembled compact handhelds. Whether pastel, neon, or somewhere in between, Polly Pocket always made an impression with a splash of color.

As nostalgia has grown, vintage-inspired toys have become available again. A few years ago, Tamagotchi virtual pet keychains relaunched on the market and were followed closely by the resurgence of Polly Pocket toys in their original compact form, reports Preview. The moment a Polly Pocket toy is opened there's a colorful world of wonder to be found inside. As the weather becomes warmer, sunnier, and brighter, the Polly Pocket nail trend is here to match. 

The brighter, the better

Polly Pocket's color palette is practically the rainbow, with plenty of vibrant hues of pink, orange, blue, magenta, purple, yellow, and lime green. When deciding on the type of Polly Pocket nails you want to adorn, the best rule of thumb to embrace Polly Pocket's essence is to go as bright as possible. Whether you go for neon nails or vivacious shades of more muted colors, you're guaranteed to feel like a joy-filled kid again with this nail trend. Go bright or go home!

Pastel Polly Pocket is perfectly perky

Polly Pocket loves color, which is a truth that simply can't be disputed. However, keep in mind that she did spend time in miniature pastel playgrounds from time to time, so if softer shades are more your style then you're right on track to rock the Polly Pocket nail trend! In general, pastels have infused their way into fashion so far this year. Embrace your artistic side by using pastel polish to paint flowers, hearts, dots, and clouds on your nails. Polly Pocket is about creative fun, so there's no wrong way to join in on the modern nail trend of the nostalgic toy.

Polly Pocket goes to France

In each '90s Polly Pocket universe, there was a different world to explore. With your next manicure, adopt this mindset and take the Polly Pocket nail trend international by going for a French manicure styled with the same bright color scheme and surprising, awe-inspiring details that represent the spirit of Polly Pocket. Don't forget to include a lot of color in your Polly Pocket French manicure. Remember, Polly Pocket is about leaning into your colorful, creative, and happy side!

Miniature details make big impressions

One of the most exciting aspects of Polly Pocket's playgrounds and miniature worlds was the tiny details captured in each handheld universe. Not only were the environments within each compact toy an exploration of detail, but the toymakers also managed to fit in a variety of friends who lived in the fictional namesake community of Pollywood, per Love to Know. Polly's friends included Lila, Shani, Steven, Leah, and Rick. To make the most of the Polly Pocket nail trend, be certain to include plenty of details, even dedicating a nail to each member of Pollywood.

Variety showcases Polly Pocket's vitality

In the perfect blend of trends, combine the bright colors of Polly Pocket nails with a mismatched manicure with variety akin to the plethora of details and designs found within Polly Pocket's miniature worlds. You can go with a base coat of solid polish topped with different details on each nail, or you can opt for a clear base followed by hand-painted designs that bring you back to the joy of your childhood. Polly Pocket is about immersing yourself in a world with something new to be found in every corner of her miniature landscapes, so bring her vitality into the 21st century with a Polly Pocket manicure filled with variety!

Paint Polly Pocket herself

One of the subtypes of Polly Pocket nails making an impression is having Polly Pocket herself painted onto your nails. Talk about a small canvas! But don't let the size intimidate you and make you feel like you must go to a salon for this look. You can definitely give it a try at home. This is the perfect opportunity to play around with your DIY nail artistry and simply have fun creating designs on your nails, just like how playing with Polly Pocket toys in the '90s always provided a blast of fun energy.

You can wear Polly Pocket's entire world

In what is probably the most impressive of the Polly Pocket trend, some people are really leaning into the '90s nostalgia by literally building Polly Pocket's entire world on their nails! Nail artists and DIY at-home manicures alike are coming out with functioning versions of Polly Pocket's portable worlds that open to transition from press-on compact cases to miniature canvases. The Polly Pocket nail trend is taking the wondrous miniature worlds to the maximum extent by creating nail decorations that open just like the original Polly Pocket toys, revealing tiny details even smaller than Polly Pocket's worlds. Wow!