Lemonade Nails Are The Freshly Squeezed Trend That Radiates Joy

Dopamine dressing has been a relief and burst of creativity to those looking to spark joy in their day-to-day life. We've seen how recent fashion trends have embraced bold and neon colors as a way to inject happiness into the simplest days. One of the best colors to add joy to your day is yellow. The sunny hue is the perfect color to make any gloomy day bright. But for those who don't want to add yellow to their closet, the newest nail trend is the cure for cloudy, dark days. 

Lemonade nails are the perfect nail inspiration to bring back a pep to your step even on a gloomy day. Even if spring or summer hasn't arrived yet, lemonade nails can bring some of that sunshine back. While the name is all about the refreshing warm weather iced drink, it doesn't just mean getting lemons on your nails (although that's a fun option). Instead of the regular nude or red nails, opt for a vibrant yellow nail color that will lighten up your day. This happy color is the perfect way to embrace the joy and brightness that it represents. While there are plenty of ways to add lemonade shade to your nails, only a few are optimal for any event or situation you may have. Before you pick up your nail polish brush, choose a design that can easily carry you throughout all of your normal activities without fail.

Casual lemonade nails

The simplest options are often the best ones to take, and lemonade nails are no exception. While there are plenty of yellow nail designs to choose from, you can't beat the cheeriness of yellow nails. Avoid the complication of picking out the perfect design and opt for a plain yellow nail color to brighten up your nails. This vibrant and cheery hue is more than enough to create a spectacular manicure that everyone will notice.

Shimmery lemonade nails

Just as yellow is a happy color, you can't deny that glitter and shimmer are equally as joyous. Add some sparkle to your cheer for double the glee. You can combine these two by opting for a statement nail in glitter with the rest of your nails in a vibrant yellow. If you want to create an even more glamorous nail design, opt for a base nail color in a yellow shade with a top layer of transparent shimmer. This combination will give you a shiny yellow glitter design that will sparkle bright.

Neon lemonade nails

The beauty behind the color yellow is the fact that you have plenty of shades to choose from. No matter what hue of yellow you decide to go for, you can always be sure that it will add the same effect to your mood. One of the boldest shades of yellow is a neon yellow shade. Neon has long been a fun way to create a bold statement – and now you can do so by adding this hue to your nails. While it might not be everyone's favorite shade, there's no doubt that neon yellow is a color that will catch everyone's eye.

Graphic lemonade nail design

Just as some adore a minimalist approach to nail art, some enjoy adding flair to their designs. Line art and graphic designs are some of the easiest ways to embrace yellow without losing the chicness. Simple lines and curves are more than enough to explore fun designs on your nails but still keep it subtle. You don't need to go with an extreme design when it comes to the yellow color, with a lighter hue you can perfectly create a lowkey design that will still bring you joy.

Lemonade yellow french manicure

There isn't a design more classic and iconic than the French manicure. The simple art of adding tips to your nails can give you a chic nail design that will add some elegance to your look. Bring cheer to the French manicure and opt for a yellow tip that will add a splash to your nails. If you're concerned about adding such a bold hue to your nails, a French manicure can be the perfect middle ground. With only colored tips, your nails will still exude joy, along with a dash of sophistication.

Pastel lemonade yellow manicure

Every shade of yellow contains that feeling of happiness that makes this a popular shade. Even a lighter hue like pastel yellow is perfect for achieving a balance between trendy and classic. Pastel colors are often the perfect color palette for welcoming the spring season. However, it's also the ideal nail color palette year-round. There's no reason why a pastel yellow can't be the joy you bring to a gloomy day. And the light shade of yellow will make it easier to style your nails with a majority of your looks.