Bubble Gloss Nails Are The Perfect Sheer Mani For Spring

Bubble gloss nails is the new, cute name for a mani featuring sheer pink, translucent beige, or ultra-soft white polish. Social media influencer Melanie Graves (aka @overglowedit) kicked off this trend by posting a stunning shot on Instagram of her long, pale pink-tinted nails. The caption next to the post reads, "clean slate," followed by the adorable bubbles emoji. 

Bubble gloss nails are a classic, versatile look at any time, but especially in the upcoming breezy, balmy days of spring and summer. Despite their simplicity and minimalism, there is a slew of options when it comes to sheer, neutral colors to employ and whatever length and shape of nail you prefer.

Be sure to implement the best prep work practices to make your mani go the distance — moisturize your hands, prep and push back cuticles, cut and shape as desired, and use a good ridge filler or base coat to avoid streaks. Best of all, sheer nail color requires fewer coats, which means less drying time. Start with one and let it dry; if you're not happy with the look, add a second one. Finish with a top coat for an extra-slick glossy finishing touch. For more inspiration, we've gathered the best ways to get in on the bubble gloss nails trend.

Milky pink bubble nails

A soft, milky pink is one of the more classic neutral options out there and is a perfect shade to try when it comes to rocking the bubble nails trend. Clean, crisp, and beautiful, this trend makes any length of nail look sophisticated and effortless and is appropriate for any outfit and occasion.

Nearly white bubble nails

For an even cleaner and slightly more formal look, try a nearly-white sheer polish for your bubble gloss nails' debut. It's no coincidence that this shade is popular for bridal nails, in part because it highlights special jewelry so well and provides a beautiful neutral canvas for sparkling works of art — but it works for professional and casual looks, too. It's subtle, pretty, and oh-so-chic.

Cool mauve bubble nails

Many neutral polishes run a little warm, which isn't always the most flattering shade for all skin tones. To figure out your undertone, look at the veins in your wrist. If your veins appear more greenish, you look great in warm colors. If they appear blue, try a cool color. For bubble gloss nails for cool skin tones, look for a polish with its own cool mauve tone for a fresh, easy nail look and wait for the compliments to roll in.

Short and sweet bubble gloss nails

Short nails look great in all sorts of nail polish colors, and a short bubble gloss nail look is perhaps the most easygoing, effortlessly cool, no-makeup makeup option for anyone going for that "clean girl" aesthetic. This is the nail polish equivalent of a capsule wardrobe — it keeps you looking fresh and ready for anything, no matter what's happening. Make it easy on yourself and try it; you'll look entirely put together with very little effort. 

Sheer beige bubble gloss nails

Sheer beige polish can run cool, neutral, or warm — and when it's applied with the lightest touch, the result is a lovely "your nails but better" look that pairs well with anything. It's classy, easy, and adapts beautifully to any look. Keep it simple and fabulous with a beige bubble gloss mani.

Ombré bubble gloss nails

Maybe you want to try out the bubble gloss nails look but you're proudly a little more high maintenance and a bit fancier than this laid-back look usually leans. Fear not: There's a bubble gloss option for everyone, and if you want to take your nails up a notch, try a subtle ombré look. Ombré is often used for more dramatic looks, but as long as there's a gradient from a darker shade blending into one another, it's a gorgeous option for nails, giving a fresh yet luxurious vibe. 

Stiletto bubble gloss nails

When it comes to bold and dramatic nail looks that catch everyone's eye and leaves a memorable impression, it doesn't get much more iconic than the stiletto shape. Draw special attention to your long, sharp claws with a sheer, ultra-shiny bubble polish in your favorite shade, and get ready to turn some heads.

Almond-shaped bubble gloss nails

Almond nails might be the best of all worlds when it comes to the longer nail shape — they have a prominent point, but that point is rounded off into a flattering oval as opposed to the sometimes impractically-sharp stiletto. Almond bubble gloss nails are another perfect option when you want a beautiful, neutral look that looks amazing with just about any outfit or occasion.

Micro french bubble gloss nails

Try two gorgeous, minimalist trends at the same time with a micro French bubble gloss nail manicure. Sheer bubble gloss shades are a popular option when it comes to traditional French manicures, which are a time-honored classic for a reason — and people with shorter nails can do a modern, clean version of this go-to look as well. The micro-French look, also referred to as the baby French manicure, features a mere sliver of the usual white French tip and it looks pretty and sophisticated when paired with a sheer pink, beige, mauve, or white on the rest of the nail.

Sparking bubble gloss nails

Take the inherent shine that comes with a bubble gloss mani and crank it up with a sheer sparkling polish. A shimmer — or even a fine glitter — can be part of a subtle and minimalist look when used with a sheer polish and works with any nail shape or length. 

Pearly bubble gloss nails

Get in touch with your inner mermaid and try the bubble gloss look with a sheer pearlescent manicure that shines and subtly shifts from white to pink, purple, and even green tones like a seashell or the moon. This looks especially beautiful when paired with pearl jewelry; matching your nails to your ring or your necklace is some next-level glam.