TikTok's Eyeshadow Nails Trend Is Here Just In Time For Bright, Warm-Weather Manis

The nail trends of 2023, so far, have all been a bit on the minimalist side. We've seen lip gloss, lip oil, and milky white nails and the milky French manicure. All are light or transparent in color, simple, and — let's face it — a little basic. If you've been wondering where all the real color has gone in the world of nails, the tables are about to turn in your favor.

Enter, eyeshadow nails. The latest TikTok craze to take over manicure fashion, eyeshadow nails are exactly what you'd expect from their name: nails that are painted using eyeshadow pigments. If you're a DIY queen looking to try out the trend, simply apply as many eyeshadows as you'd like to a still-tacky base coat, then seal them with the matte or gloss top coat of your choice. Here are a few of the most inspiring eyeshadow nail looks the internet has to offer. 

Rainbow aura

If you're dying for an infusion of bold color in your 2023 spring and summer manicures, try blending a group of two to four colors in a diffused aura style on each nail. The result will be a soft, otherworldly version of a joyful, polished, adult rainbow manicure. 

Marble with foil

If you've struggled with perfecting chic marble nail art at home, eyeshadow nails might be the answer you didn't even know you needed. A small brush and dry eyeshadow pigments can be much easier and faster to work with than layering wet polishes. Where there's a will, there's a way. 

Jewel tones

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by all the color choices your eyeshadow collection has to offer, consider taking inspiration from your favorite gemstones. Tiger's eye, citrine, opal, aquamarine, and topaz are all striking and easy to replicate with eyeshadow pigments. Apply a high-gloss top coast to really nail the jewel-inspired look. 

Pearlescent with art

A light base color with some shimmer can provide the perfect background for your favorite nail art. Choose a shimmery white or pastel eyeshadow to apply to your not-quite-dry base coat. Then, apply a top coat, allow it to dry, paint on your designs or stick on decals, and simply apply your final top coat. 

Summer oranges

There is no better time to bring out the warm oranges, yellows, and reds than summer. As the hot-weather season rapidly approaches, try your hand at combining different shades of orange eyeshadow into a gradient that starts light at the base and gradually darkens at the tip, just like fire. 

Ombré tips

Eyeshadow pigments work wonderfully for designs that require a lot of blending, which can be difficult to master with traditional nail polish. For a soft, diffused take on a French tip, apply your base coat and then apply the color of your choice to only the nails' tips. Use a clean brush to blend the pigment down toward the base, creating the perfect easy ombré.

Pink shimmer

Bright, bold pink is an indisputable summer classic. If you've outgrown your Barbie makeup era, you no longer have to feel guilty for wasting product. Just reach for your most shimmery pink eyeshadow and transform it into your new go-to poolside mani. "Reduce, reuse, recycle" is taking on a whole new meaning this year!