Bottega Green Is The Trendiest Summer Color Of The Year - How To Rock The Shade

Nothing is more of a statement marker than a bold splash of color, and that's exactly what this season's trendiest pigment is delivering! Bottega green, a smooth cousin of the classic Kelly green, is making its appearance on runways, in stores, online, and in closets everywhere for summer 2023. PureWow reports that the vibrant green is flattering on everyone, eye-catching, and likely here to stay for a while as it's already swarming social media feeds and retailers alike. Named after the shade of green presented by Italian fashion house Bottega Veneta, the color has been picking up in popularity since 2021 and is now trending as the top color choice for this summer.

Not only is the shade known for the splash it made in the fashion world upon its release in 2021, but it's a shade that carries associations with environmental protection and sustainability. The green hue is also highly flexible, making it easy to personalize your use of the Bottega green in a way that highlights and exudes your unique personality. In fact, Bottega green is a rare color that can be both universally worn and individually tailored at the same time. Here are some ways to style this rich color to make your summer 2023 even more bright and bold as you start planning your seasonal style.

Pair it with neutral tones

Given how vibrant Bottega green is, one of the chicest ways to wear it is in contrast with neutral tones. Editorialist advises wearing the shade with outerwear, such as a blazer or jacket, of a nude, tan, or beige color. Pairing Bottega green against a backdrop of neutrals will only allow for the verdant tincture to pop even more noticeably. Given that outerwear is a suggested pairing, it's clear that Bottega green is not only versatile for skin tones but also for seasons. You won't have to say goodbye to the rich shade once the weather begins to cool at autumn's commencement.

Create bold color combinations

Going straight to the other end of the pairing spectrum is the approach of coordinating your outfit involving Bottega green with other solid bursts of equally as bold colors. Try adding warm colors like orange, coral, and lemon yellow. If you lean towards the pastel side of things by bringing in mild hues of yellow and pink, then you'll find yourself with the perfect summer equation for fashion success. Wearing bold tones throughout your entire apparel shows off your confidence and high self-esteem, two things that are definitely in this season and every season thereafter!

Nail it with a matching manicure

One of the best things about Bottega green is that its versatility is itself versatile in nature, making it a very meta tint. You can pair the color with a rainbow of statement-making pigments, while also taking a step back and allowing the grassy complexion of Bottega green to shine for itself amongst an outfit of neutral tones or all black, as Editorialist suggests. Another way to embrace Bottega green's versatility is to include it in your next manicure, whether it's through a solid shade of polish, a French manicure, an inverted French design, or any of the other numerous nail trends of summer 2023. 

Put it on your pets

Who says that Bottega green only belongs in your wardrobe? Building upon the color's versatile foundation, the leafy shade isn't just in vogue for humans but for your furry friends as well! The Italian brand sells dog bowls, bandanas, collars, and several other products in the iconic namesake hue, which L'Officiel Singapore has tracked since 2018. We've all seen videos of cute canines and fetching felines wearing adorable accessories, even full outfits at times, on social media. Now your precious pup or cute kitty can become just as fashionable this summer with a matching Bottega green accessory to show off during your daily walks in the warm, sunny weather. 

Subtly accessorize with a pop of color

Similar to the approach of wearing neutral, skin-toned, or solid black with Bottega green apparel peeking through for a hint of tint, another popular way to enjoy the wondrous world of Bottega green is to incorporate it into your accessories while leaving it out of your actual clothing. Think of it as a form of stealth fashion, wherein your outfit will pop with a burst of color as soon as you have your chosen green accessory in hand. Whether you opt for carrying a Bottega green bag, wearing a leafy-colored headband, or showing off costume jewelry in the hue, you'll be certain to attract constant compliments throughout the day as you utilize your secret mechanism in the form of Bottega green accents. You won't need a lot of the color to make a summer splash! 

Embrace summer fun with leafy locks

Summer is all about having fun, soaking up the sunshine (while wearing sunscreen, of course), and trying new things. Whether you're a veteran of exploring the color spectrum using your locks or you want to give dyeing your hair a go for the first time, Bottega green's versatility doesn't flop! According to Women's Wear Daily, Daniel Lee is the one credited for concocting the vivacious verdant hue when he was the fashion brand's creative director, and during his tenure, he was known for making a splash and being innovative through his fearlessness in pioneering new territory in the fashion world. Venturing into summer 2023 with the same spirit, utilize Bottega green's spirited presence by leaning into luscious, leafy locks.

Hone it in at home

Once again, Bottega green is making its own statement about how it isn't meant to be limited to clothing. Since the launch of the hue several years ago, the luscious shade has popped up in home goods and fixtures. The 2021 popularity of Bottega green, which has only grown since it was introduced to the global community, marked an unprecedented occurrence of one color unanimously dominating the fashion and design worlds, per Fashion United. So if you want some extra Bottega green in your life, there's plenty available in the realm of home accessories.

Go green head to toe

If you simply can't get enough of Bottega green, then there's only one solution that's perfect for summer 2023 and beyond. That solution is to wear the vibrant color from head to toe. Opt for hair and head accessories in the green tone, or pair a matching set or outfit that is made of leafy green perfection with shoes and additional accessories in Bottega's namesake color. Given the global affection for the vivacious shade that is Bottega green, it's clear that you can never have enough. Enjoy this summer by donning the pigment from head to toe, adding it to your home decor, and matching your style with that of your beloved pets. With Bottega green, just like summer break, the more, the better!