Matching Sets Are Here To Stay. How To Find One That Feels Like You

Matching sets are at the forefront of fashion trends, and they aren't going anywhere anytime soon as they are making their color-blocking mark this season. From loungewear sets and athleisure 'fits to evening wear and professional attire, matching sets are available in a variety of styles and colors. From keeping it tonal like the signature matching set styles worn by the Kardashian-Jenners to switching it up with some creative changes in shade, texture, and structure, with the plethora of matching sets on the market, you're bound to discover what works for you.

There's so much variety, in fact, that it may feel overwhelming to narrow down your choices. Trust in knowing that there is a matching set out there that is made perfectly for you, and there are some key tips to keep in mind for finding one (or many!) that are right for your style, budget, body type, and commitments. Follow them and you'll be wearing a flattering matching set that might as well have you feeling like a superhero!

Consider your current lifestyle

The popularity of matching sets can make purchasing every cute outfit you come across quite tempting, but there is no use buying matching sets that you won't be able to wear anytime soon. Though you can always lounge around in a couture outfit while streaming your favorite show, it's a good idea to consider your current lifestyle, clothing needs, budget, geographical location, and the amount of space you have to store additional apparel. 

Business of Fashion reports that matching sets have seen a drastic uptick in popularity as the market and cost-of-living crisis have entered new stages and customers living in a post-quarantine world have embraced ready-to-wear outfits that are easy to throw on for flawless, effortless looks. Since matching sets are often sold together, acquiring a pre-matched outfit set decreases the amount of time and energy you'll have to put into shopping. 

When exploring options, take a minute to think about your lifestyle right now, even listing out your commitments and upcoming engagements to see if you'll be able to wear a specific set within a reasonable timeframe. Spending money on sets meant for the office might not be practical if you work remotely. If you're around young children, that designer matching set probably isn't going to fare well. For avid travelers, search for outfits that are lightweight, don't wrinkle easily, and can be versatile during your travels. The perfect matching set deserves to be worn, not set aside to collect dust.

Remember versatility lowers your cost per wear

Tonal, monochromatic outfits can make matching sets feel more versatile, thus allowing you to get more bang for your buck since solid pieces can be closet staples. It's much easier to wear a solid top to create several different outfits than it is to do the same thing with a set made with exuberantly patterned fabric. 

CNN reports that one of the perks of matching sets is that they can become mix-and-match inspirations for multiple outfits without spending twice the price. When you purchase a matching set, you're essentially getting two items for the price of one, so even just one matching set will add two new pieces of clothing into your closet's circulation. Plus, there are plenty of options for loungewear, athleisure, professional sets with tops and skirts or tailored pants, and fun summer fashions for spending time outdoors in the sunshine. Even bikinis and two-piece swimwear qualify as matching sets, and if you've ever substituted a swimsuit top for a bra or even paired a swimsuit beneath a dress or blazer, then you're already a step ahead of the budget-saving hacks that matching sets can provide. 

Similar to writing out your current lifestyle commitments, create a separate list with the many ways you can wear each matching set. The more ways you can create versatility with a matching set, the better the investment!

Factor in weather changes and climate

When taking stock of the considerations you should make when choosing the perfect matching set, such as looking for outfits that flatter your body type and serve the needs of your lifestyle, you should also take into account weather and climate. This pertains to the climate of your local area, the weather you might experience when traveling to other geographical locations, and seasonal changes.

If you live in a hot, humid climate, then you probably don't want to spend too much time and money investing in sweatsuits or fleece matching sets, unless you plan on blasting the air conditioning year-round. Similarly, you won't want to purchase several matching sets with long pants requiring heels when you're planning to visit a rainy area where wearing boots will be a necessity. 

Of course, you don't have to strictly adhere to the weather when choosing matching sets, especially if you fall in love with an outfit you adore that may only be able to be worn a few days out of the year in your local climate. Everyone deserves to splurge every once in a while and treat themselves to an outfit they really love, but if you're trying to build a sustainable collection of matching sets to take you through daily life, then you'll definitely want to consider the weather conditions waiting to greet you the moment you open your front door.

Embrace styles for your body type

Dressing for your body type is the secret to looking effortlessly amazing, particularly with matching sets! Since every person is unique, the cute matching set you see your favorite influencer adorning may not look flattering on your body, and vice versa. This is why it's important to know your body shape, as well as other factors like your height. 

According to StyleCraze, there are five primary body types: pear, hourglass, rectangle, apple, and inverted triangle. There are core styles that make each body shape look its best. A pear body shape tends to be larger from the waist down, so look for matching sets with more elaborate tops and designs like ruffles or patterns, paired with simpler bottoms. The inverted triangle shape, often described as a more athletic build, is best accentuated by patterned bottoms and solid-colored tops. An apple body shape is defined by larger proportions above the waistline, so you'll want to choose matching sets that highlight your legs. V-shaped necklines and patterns are often recommended for apple body types. Hourglass body shapes are proportionate on the top and bottom with thinner waists, so finding outfits that emphasize your waistline can create flattering looks. Finally, rectangle body types look amazing in strapless or sleeveless tops, especially when paired with tailored blazers or fitted denim jackets.

As you acquire matching sets and clothing pieces that highlight the strengths of your body type, you'll be able to achieve instantly chic fashion looks with ease.

Find sets that work as separates

Matching sets come with the benefit of being extremely versatile, effectively providing you with numerous outfits in a single purchase. Just because matching sets are two articles of clothing that are sold together, they don't always have to be worn together. The biggest hack is separating the pieces in a matching set to create countless outfits when you combine either the top or the bottom piece of the set with other clothing items you own. 

This is a helpful approach if you love one piece in a matching set but the other piece isn't as flattering for your body shape or personal preference. Matching sets that come in solid colors are the easiest to mix and match with other items, but don't let patterns deter you from being a creative fashion icon. Take stock of everything in your closet and make a list of which items compliment the color, style, and other aspects of your matching sets. 

Matching sets with longer skirts and sleeveless or crop tops are becoming increasingly popular and are good examples of how to switch up pieces separately. Pairing a crop top from a matching set with jeans, shorts, sneakers or sandals can result in a casual look, while wearing the skirt with a button-down shirt and tailored jacket will provide professional or nighttime options. As summer nears, a matching set's long pants might become impractical, but the top can be styled with shorts to comfortably fit the season. 

Athleisure is almost always versatile

Athleisure is possibly the most well-known type of matching set, and it is also often described as being the most comfortable, too. USA Today reports that athleisure matching sets gained popularity during the quarantine period of the pandemic, when people were in search of cozy apparel to wear while at home. Several years later, athleisure matching sets remain just as popular.

If your lifestyle includes daily exercise, or if you're simply looking for apparel that is simultaneously breathable and supportive, then an athleisure matching set is a great option to explore. Athleisure sets are made of materials designed to wick away sweat and allow your skin to breathe, thus making athleisure matching sets great options for your summer wardrobe. Given that the fabric has significant stretch to it, athleisure matching sets look fabulous on all body types!

It may appear that athleisure attire is meant solely for the gym, but that definitely is not the case. Since athleisure matching sets are most often in solid colors, you can easily use the separate pieces to create upscale looks when paired with other items, including heels and fashion elements you wouldn't expect to look attractive with athleisure clothing. Elevating athleisure matching sets can mean pairing them with boots, a blazer, jewelry, and other glitzy accessories to create looks that can be appropriate for the workplace, dinner with your friends, date nights, and running errands on the weekends.

Minimize clutter in your closet

You're now well-versed in how useful matching sets can be for creating countless style options when combined with other items in your closet, so the next step in finding the best matching set for you is to consider how much space you have to store additional clothing. If you live in a small apartment or lack storage space, you might opt for finding a matching set that you automatically know you'll be able to wear in multiple different ways. Being selective about which matching sets you purchase can have effects on your mental wellness if you're able to keep clutter at bay. Sticking to a minimalist living style mindset can have a lot of benefits, like improving your mental clarity and easing stress. 

According to The Motherchic, up to four outfits can be made with an average matching set, depending on how you style it. Tips for crafting additional uses for matching sets include using shorts or skirts as cover-ups for the beach or pool, using tops beneath button-down shirts, blazers, or denim jackets, and strategically choosing accessories to create visual changes using the matching set as your basics. Utilizing accessories that you already own is yet another way to save space in your closet!

Keep your confidence front and center

At the end of the day, the matching sets you decide to wear will be worn on your body by you alone. Simply put, your opinion about whether or not a matching set is right for you is entirely your call. If you love the color and the feel of the fabric but the fit of the set is slightly off, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks as long as you're comfortable and happy with the look. 

Matching sets may be one of the most inclusive fashion trends to come into vogue since there are so many different types of sets and pieces made for nearly every occasion and style. With the time you'll save from having to put an outfit together in the morning, the effortlessly chic look you'll achieve, and the comfort they provide, matching sets can provide an instant boost of confidence. 

When you find the matching set that makes you feel your best, you'll look your best. Confidence and happiness are the two best accessories, so if you feel comfortable and stylish in your matching set of choice then that's the perfect one for you!