Barbie Blush Is The Ultra-Feminine Makeup Trend Taking Your Rosy Cheeks To The Next Level

Barbiecore is the latest trend to take over everything, from fashion to beauty and everything in between. With the influx of Barbie-everything, there's no doubt that this trend will only skyrocket in the coming months. Not only does the Barbie-pink hue remind us of our inner child, but it's a fun and unique way to embrace color. Even if you don't opt for Barbie pink in your wardrobe, it's still a fun color to inject into your life in other ways. As a beauty tool, this shade can help give you a more youthful glow and give your face some color.

Pink blush is no stranger to most beauty drawers and tends to be applied gently and subtly. While this is a perfect application, there's something about adding an extra punch of color to your cheeks that can light up your glow. With Barbiecore in full swing, use this as the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner doll with a targeted blush application. Giving yourself a meaningful pink blush application on your cheeks will play beautifully into this trend and can shake up your makeup routine in a new and chic way.

Airbrushed Barbie blush

One of the most iconic parts of any Barbie doll is her airbrushed cheeks in that bright pink hue. Capture the same feeling in your makeup routine with a wonderfully blended blush application in a vibrant hue. Using a kabuki brush or flat foundation brush, blend a pink blush into your cheeks. Even though you will still blend out the blush, you will get a targeted application that's similar to your favorite Barbie doll.

Subtle Barbie blush

Not every Barbie-esque blush application needs to be loud and bold — even a subtle sweep of color is enough to give your skin that extra colorful glow. To get a subtle pop of blush, you'll want to pick up the product lightly and work to blend it out thoroughly. Although it won't give you that obvious blush look, you still get that pop of color on your cheeks that would make Barbie herself jealous.


No matter if you're jumping on board with this Barbie pink blush trend or not, you want to pick the right blush tone for you and your preference. A warmer blush tone might give more hints of orange but will still give you all of the pink glory. Before picking out any shade of pink, take some time to research whether your skin's undertone would work best with a warm or cool-toned pink blush.

Glowy Barbie blush

Mixing products to get an entirely new result is nothing new in the makeup industry, but we're seeing it become a widespread trend. Recently, we've seen more makeup fans mix blush and highlighters to create a shiny and colorful mix that will fulfill both roles beautifully. Barbie would love a shiny and glittery blush that gives her both the fun and flair of both products in one easy application.

Pink on pink

Do you know what looks stunning when paired with pink? Pink, of course! If it works for Barbie, a monochrome pink look will also look beautiful on you. Combine a pink blush with pink eyeshadow, gloss, and liner for the ultimate Barbie look. There can't be too much when it comes to adding a little pink to your beauty look. If going pink on pink is overwhelming, opt for different shades of pink to give you some variation in your makeup.

Go full glam

As the trendsetter she is, Barbie wouldn't do anything subtly or quietly when it comes to fashion — so give your inner doll the freedom to play with your makeup in a big way. Opt for a bold glam makeup look, complete with a vibrant and loud blush application that will help structure the rest of your makeup. Contouring with your blush is a newer trend that can help you achieve the ultimate glam look.