Shattered Layers Are The Versatile, Texture-Heavy Hair Trend We Can't Get Enough Of

You've heard of shattering glass ceilings and expectations, but what about layers? The shattered layer hair trend is showing up absolutely everywhere as people look for new (but not too drastic) ways to cut and style those tresses. You're probably already very familiar with standard layers. These are often employed to create a little extra bounce to the back and sides or to frame the face. This can take some of the weight out of heavy locks and add lift and volume to thinner hair, as well. However, they're also pretty formulaic, in that it's easy to see when one layer ends and one begins. That's where the relatively new trend of shattered layers comes into play, as these particular type of layers are anything but cookie-cutter.  The versatile hairstyle has officially broken mainstream since celebs like Taylor Swift and Jenna Ortega have stepped out in them, leaving everyday people clamoring for the edgy, yet somehow still classy, look. 

How shattered layers are produced

It's all in the technique. Celebrity stylist Matthew Collins told InStyle that the key to creating shattered layers is to texturize the hair by snipping from the ends inward using scissors or texturizing shears. He likens it to cutting it so that the hair looks like it has had a "Christmas tree" cut into it. This point-cutting is done over and over again until the ends are feathery and the layers are perfectly inconsistent. So instead of a curtain of longer hair at the bottom, the ends are all slightly different lengths.

These people probably want to try shattered layers

People with long, thick hair often struggle with the sheer weight of what they're working with. Dense hair is tougher and more time-consuming to style, which is why shattered layers could be a great alternative. Such a look allows hair to retain most of the length, but without quite so much weight and volume.

Shattered layers are versatile

Due to their light, feathery state, shattered layers are easy to hand scrunch into a beachy, touseled style. Or, they can be worn straight and sleek if that's the look you're after. It's even possible to split the difference with a curling iron or waver. So even if the style seems a hair drastic, it's actually extremely versatile.

How to get your own shattered layer look

Before booking in with anyone, make sure that they're familiar with the technique involved in creating shattered layers. Most stylists should be by now, but it's not a risk to take lightly. If they have the tools and the know-how, bring pics or TikToks with the desired look to the appointment with you. Then be sure to ask for styling tips so that you can make the most of your hot new 'do.