High-Low Skirts Are The Outdated Staple That Needs To Leave Your Closet Immediately

Depending on whom you ask, high-low skirts — also known as waterfall or mullet skirts — may or may not be poised for an attempted comeback in 2023. The polarizing style, which has ties to the late 1800s Victorian era, was once used as a way to create the appearance of a curvier silhouette, which was considered more pleasing to the male gaze. As such, the high-low skirt became widely associated with hyperfemininity and romanticism.

As women became more emboldened, the high-low skirt became less of a fashion staple and more of a cutesy relic of a time when many of them couldn't legally own property. Occasionally, the trend began to gain traction with fast-fashion retailers and affiliate marketing influencers, but it never quite reached mass popularity. If you've been tempted to embrace the look, consider this proof that the high-low skirt — though not the entire asymmetrical trend — should remain in obscurity and that it pales in comparison to the universally-flattering pencil skirt in every way. 

Pretty in pink

When you're looking for a romantic pink fashion moment, a high-low skirt might seem like the easiest choice with the style's flirty ties. However, removing the extra bulk of a waterfall hem and replacing it with a hip-hugging pink pencil skirt brings on the sex appeal in a whole new way. 

Joyful floral

There's nothing cuter than a classic floral skirt. When that skirt features a high-low hem, though, it can end up looking a little bit more like a curtain than a fashion statement. Save the frills for Grandma's windows, and opt for a stylish knee-length floral pencil skirt instead. 


A high-low miniskirt tends to come off as more confused than anything else, with the longer back creating the look of deflated tail feathers. If you're going to wear a miniskirt, you might as well commit to showing off the goods with a classic form-fitting style that flaunts without apology. 

Dark floral

A skirt that boasts a floral print on a dark background is the perfect way to blend yin and yang style essences into one gorgeous wardrobe staple. While a dark floral high-low skirt can skew a bit on the frumpy side, a dark floral pencil skirt in any length can be endlessly dressed up or down for any occasion. 

Summer orange

The season for warm, bright summer orange is finally nearly upon us in the Northern Hemisphere. Rather than shrouding your curves in a flouncy high-low skirt, celebrate them with a fiery orange pencil skirt that can take you from the office directly to a summer barbeque without missing a beat.