5 Places That Aren't Your Under-Eyes That Also Need Some Concealer Love

Concealer is one of the most potent makeup tools you have at your disposal. As its name suggests, you can use it to literally "conceal" any line, blemish, pimple, or spot that has bugged you recently and make it simply blend into your skin — a temporary fix, yes, but one cannot simply hide inside until a pimple goes away. Whether it's a date you're looking forward to, a wedding, a bestie's birthday dinner, or even a casual Friday night out, a tiny bit of concealer can be a potential lifesaver in all of these situations.


A versatile product, concealer can also be used as a primer for your eye makeup, as a tool to contour your features, and even as a hack to add a little glow to your features. Concealer goes hand-in-hand with foundation (i.e., a little concealer after foundation can take care of any problematic areas unaccounted for).

Most often, concealer is just used in the under-eye area to deal with unsightly dark circles, but you might be missing out because there are other places that will benefit from just a bit of concealer. We have laid out five such places for you.

Your eye's inner corner

It's safe to say that your eyes love concealer. Everyone is known to burn the candle at both ends every now and then, and when you do, your eyes will easily give it away. While the best way to avoid being told you look tired is to swap out your erratic sleep schedule for a more regular one, sometimes this proves practically impossible.


Enter concealer. In such a situation, it will be your best friend. In addition to dabbing some under your eyes, a minuscule amount just touched on the inner corners of your eyes will add some much-needed brightness to your peepers when you miss out on your daily six hours of beauty sleep.

So, keep in mind that using concealer on the inner corners of your eyes can make all the difference in helping hide any tell-tale signs of fatigue and keep you looking your best.

Your mouth

A concealer can also do wonders for the areas around your mouth and lips. After a stressful week at work, you might start noticing worry lines bordering your mouth. Now, fine lines are perfectly natural and normal, but how they look may still bother you. While you can use a retinol cream for a more permanent fix, your concealer can be an excellent temporary one.


Just put some drops of lightweight concealer on the corners of your mouth and use your fingers to apply it onto your skin, which will reduce the appearance of those worry lines with no problem. This can also help if the skin around the mouth appears darker than other parts of the skin. Your concealer will blend in and even out that uneven skin tone.

You can also use concealer to enhance your lips. Concealing the outer corners of your lips can add some lift to those down-turned peckers and make them appear fuller.

Your nose

Using concealer on your nose and the skin surrounding it is another hack you should know. Concealing imperfections is not the only job of concealer; you can also use it to shape up a feature. After applying foundation on your face, dab some concealer along the center of your nose to contour it and instantly give it a bit of the spotlight.


Minimizing redness on the sides of the nostrils is also easily accomplished by concealer. Sir John, celebrity makeup artist and instructor at Assemble, tells InStyle, "Broken capillaries are common around the nostrils and can cause a lot of redness, especially during the winter." Your concealer can help cover up a lot of that extra color quite quickly, while also providing a little brightness you won't be complaining about any time soon.

Apply just a dash of concealer around the reddish area near your nostrils using your fingers, and you will be good to go.

Your eyebrows

A little bit of concealer will also go a long way in making your eyebrows look amazing. It can give some definition to your brows and add shape to their arches.

After filling your brows in with an eyebrow pencil, dab some concealer handsomely just above your eyebrow with a brush to really accentuate it. Also, brush some below the brows to complete the look and make a clean job out of it. Since your concealer is also a good eyeshadow primer, you can use it on your eyelids as a base for your eye makeup to avoid any unfortunate smudging incidents later.


So, don't forget to conceal the areas above and below your eyebrows because, if you do, you will miss out on a stunning brow look that is simply to die for, perfecting the work of art that is your eyes and allowing you to flaunt them confidently.

Your chin

The chin is another area of your face that easily gets discolored, so a little concealer could flatter the skin there quite well. Since this area is also quite acne-prone, concealing can cover up the occasional unsightly pimple.


Just apply a little smudge of concealer to the problem area on your chin after foundation and watch the magic happen. If you're focusing on covering up acne, just be sure to use a combination of acne treatment cream and concealer that won't clog your pores even more, since using only concealer directly on acne could irritate and make your acne worse.

So, there you have it: the few areas of your face apart from your under-eyes that could benefit from a little concealer usage. Try it for yourself, and use it on those problem areas to create a flawless, very put-together makeup look for yourself that you won't regret.