Grunge Lashes Are The Trendy Way To Get Indie Sleaze Eyes Without Eyeliner

The appeal of indie sleaze makeup has come and... stayed. And it isn't going anywhere, as far as trend forecasters (and we) are concerned. But why does it have such a strong chokehold on us? The truth is that while it is, well, sleazy, it is also beautiful and oh-so versatile. You don't need heavy makeup, lots of time, dedication, or even eyeliner to achieve the grunge look. It will always come out cool, and it never gets tired. Even with the passing of the seasons, grunge is always in.


The grunge, indie sleaze makeup trend can be toned up or down with just a few modifications, and we're gonna teach you how to do grunge the minimalist way. With indie sleaze, we think that less is definitely better. The secret? Heavy mascara and messy application. A grunge mascara look can take you from day to night, and from fancy to casual, in no time. Plus, grunge is for rulebreaking, so pop on some color if you like. It only makes it grungier.

Grunge on the go

The good thing about grunge is that it's never complicated, never serious enough that you need to spend hours perfecting the look. Actually, it's probably best to entirely forgo the use of a mirror. Kidding! But not really. Given its blurry, faded, "I woke up like this after a night out" aesthetic, it's pretty easy to replicate on the go.


A quick (and heavy) mascara application is all you need. Finish it off with a light smudge of eyeshadow on the lower lash line, a pinky nude or dark lip, and there you have it.

Sleazy peasy

It's called indie sleaze for a reason. The messiness of grunge makeup is truly its biggest selling point and the reason we love it so much. It doesn't require a ton of skill or a sure hand, and no matter how messy the application, it comes out great.


Next time you're in a rush to get ready for a night out, consider minimal eyeshadow and heavy mascara on both your top and bottom lashes. And don't worry if it gets on your eyelids; simply smudge it out with your finger and it becomes part of the look.

Grunge loves color

Although the base of a good sleazy look is black, you can accessorize and play around with brighter colors. This doesn't necessarily have to overshadow the darkness of grunge makeup if done right, and instead has the potential to highlight the messy grunge effect. All you do is pick one bright color for your eyeshadow and apply it with the characteristic carelessness of grunge. Then, apply your dark mascara (plus false lashes if you like) and a dark lip. These last steps will bring the darkness right back. 


Glam is grunge

By now, we hope you can see all the virtues of grunge. The last of them? Its ability to do glam like no other. No need to sacrifice glamour for grunge when they can easily coexist. If you find the need or desire to dress up for an event, but be true to your true indie sleaze-self, opt for a nude eyeshadow moment enhanced by your most voluminous mascara (two coats at least), and continue your glam as usual. A perfectly placed blush and statement lip will round out the look, pairing well with sophistication.