The 3 Types Of Leo Sun And The Differences Between Them

While someone's entire astrological birth chart determines the way we're uniquely influenced by the cosmos, most people tend to identify with their sun sign. However, if you haven't ever related to the qualities of the typical personality born under your sun sign, there could be a very valid reason why — and that reason could be Mercury. If you've ever wondered what your Mercury sign represents, it's essentially all about how we communicate with the world. It dictates how we relate to others, interact with life, and express ourselves, so it makes a significant mark on your personality that may even conflict with the stereotypical traits of your sun sign.


While it isn't part of the "big three" (your sun, moon, and rising signs), Mercury is definitely still worth studying for a deeper understanding of yourself. Mercury is always within 28 degrees of the sun, so if you're a Leo sun, your Mercury is either in Cancer, Leo, or Virgo. If you've never felt like much of a fiery, attention-loving Leo, the traits brought in by your Mercury placement could be responsible. Here's a closer look at how the three types of Leo suns differ based on their Mercury signs.

Leo sun with Mercury in Cancer

This placement demonstrates a lot of the maternal energy Cancer is known for, and these individuals are able to create a warm family environment with just about anyone. They'll welcome you with open arms and are extremely loyal. They are generous and tend to be socialites, remembering thoughtful details about everyone at the party. Mercury in Cancer individuals aren't as intimidating or showy as some of the more stereotypical Leo energy can be — they want their friends to shine just as brightly as themselves.


With a water Mercury, these individuals are inherently sensitive, a bit moody, and will likely retreat in the face of criticism or harsh energy. Nostalgic and sentimental, Mercury in Cancer makes for a soulful, soft communicator who values belonging and emotionally intimate friendships. They can be reactive and take matters very personally, so it's best to tread gently with them. As friends, they will always be thinking ahead to what you might need and are irreplaceable when it comes to nurturing the heart.

Leo sun with Mercury in Leo

This double Leo placement makes for highly energetic and creative individuals. Everything they touch seems to turn to gold, and they excel with a larger-than-life passion. With their extra helping of Leo energy, you are likely to find them in the spotlight since they can't help but entertain others. This placement is most aligned with how you probably envision and understand the sign of Leo — energetic, magnetic, and a great performer.


Those with this placement may have also had to push to have their voice heard, which isn't something that they particularly enjoy doing, as they would love nothing more than for there to be enough stage space for everyone. Mercury in Leo indicates free thinking, and the fiery energy of the lion makes for fun, engaging leaders. Their immense capacity for creativity is best utilized in humanitarian settings — and expect large doses of charisma and charm along the way. These placements are likely to have their audience swooning in no time.

Leo sun with Mercury in Virgo

A Leo with a Mercury in Virgo makes for a much more private individual than their sun sign would suggest. These unique lions are constantly observing and processing, not showing their hand of cards often. They tend to have strong boundaries and will graciously respect yours — and they expect theirs to be honored in turn. They are authentic and desire to be seen for who they truly are, and they're not afraid to be powerful and authoritative.


In the professional realm, they can make big things happen, and they take a unique approach to accomplishing their dreams that often entices others to follow their command. They may be prone to fall victim to their own perfectionism, but they will not give up on the task at hand.

The earth sign influence makes their communications less showy than a stereotypical Leo and more pragmatic, direct, and realistic. You can again thank the earthy Virgo archetype of their Mercury placement for the sarcasm and dry humor they likely exude. Less nurturing than a Cancer Mercury placement, a Leo with a Virgo Mercury will also likely need to practice the art of forgiveness — toward both themselves and others.