Your Guide To Neptune Retrograde (Because Mercury Isn't The Only One To Worry About)

You've probably heard of Mercury being in retrograde, but did you know that all planets enter retrograde? When a planet is in a period of retrograde, it appears to be orbiting in a backward direction from the vantage point of Earth. Depending on the astrological significance of the planet(s) currently in retrograde, different areas of life can be affected for individuals or the collective. Planets that are closer to Earth are considered personal planets, which affect the individual lives of people. Transpersonal planets are farther away, with longer orbits, and have effects on entire generations.


On June 30, 2023, Neptune, a transpersonal planet 2.8 billion miles from Earth, which rules dreams, visions, and creativity, will once again go retrograde for over five months. Join us on a deep dive into the implications you can expect this astrological event to have for you and others in your life this year. 

Neptune's astrological significance

Neptune — named after the Roman god of the sea — is a planet nothing like the one that humans call home. With no solid surface to speak of, Neptune is merely a giant mystical blue ball of swirling gases and chemicals. This is perfectly fitting for the role it plays in astrology. The planet rules over dreams, illusions, psychic visions, and delusions. It is also strongly associated with creative visual arts, like photography and filmmaking.


Neptune spends a staggering 13.75 years in each zodiac sign, adding up to a 165-year cycle. Currently, the planet is inching its way through the very constellation it rules — watery, mystical Pisces — where it will remain until 2025. This match made in heaven has resulted in a 12-year period of overall heightened intuition, creativity, and spirituality for all. What happens during periods of retrograde when Neptune is in a zodiac sign that feels so much like its home? We're about to find out. 

What to expect during Neptune retrograde

The dreamy nature of Neptune — especially in an equally dreamy sign like Pisces — can typically lead to a bit of a collective head-in-the-clouds mentality that doesn't particularly encourage a strong tie to facts, reality, or logic. When the ruler of dreams and delusions goes retrograde, it allows some of the layers to be peeled back in order to provide a peek at the reality beneath. This is your chance to assess your dreams and fantasies for what they really are and take a few months to assess and adjust accordingly.


Neptune retrograde asks you to connect to your intuition and let it guide you toward knowing which of your visions for the future are reality-based and which are headed toward delusion. People born under water sun signs (Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio) will have no problem with this touchy-feely objective, while impulsive fire signs and overly analytical earth and air signs may find themselves struggling to listen to their inner knowing. Studying Neptune's placement in your birth chart can help to further guide you — just keep in mind that most people in your age range will have the same placement you do.