Doll Lashes Are The High-Glam Makeup Trend That Goes Perfectly With Ultra-Feminine Looks

Like fashion, makeup trends have a way of repeating themselves. One makeup trend that's been seeing a remarkable revival lately is doll lashes. When we look at ultra-feminine doll lashes, we can't help but think of mod makeup, a beauty trend that reigned supreme in the '60s. Popularized by doe-eyed girls like Twiggy and Dolly Parton, the mod trend was characterized by big, dazzling eyes with luscious and pronounced eyelashes. Due to their cartoonish vibe, doll lashes are also referred to as manga lashes.

Coquettish doll lashes are also a nod to the Barbiecore aesthetic that's making waves in the style scene and on the big screen in the "Barbie" film, which is set to debut this summer. Celebrities are making a convincing case to bring back nostalgic doll aesthetics. Leading the pack is probably Zendaya, who turned up at the 2023 SAG Awards red carpet with pointy and fluttery lashes spaced out along the top and bottom lash lines that were in perfect harmony with her princessy sugar-pink Valentino gown. Zendaya always looks stunning, but the eye-opening doll lash effect did an excellent job of making her look even more youthful and feminine. Obviously, this has been a banner year for Barbie looks, and doll lashes are guaranteed to become the next big thing in the beauty world. Here's how you can get in on this trend.

Ditch full fake lashes for individual strips

After applying mascara to your top and bottom lashes, apply individual strips of lashes. If you don't have individual lashes, snip your full lashes into smaller clusters. Then, apply them one by one in between your natural lash lines using a tweezer. Make sure the fake lashes are spaced apart enough so that they have a spiky, wispy look without closing up your eyes. This is a lot of work, but it will make your lashes look much more natural, fluffy, and flirty than if you were to apply a full strip. 

Fake it with eyeliner

Another easy approach to doll lashes is to draw them on with eyeliner, which will make your lower lashes look much more striking than mascara or faux lashes can. After applying mascara, flick out three to four strokes under your bottom lashes in a line. To create a natural look, make sure there is some spacing between each stroke, and the outer stroke should be longer than the others. You're free to control the lengths of the strokes but don't make them look longer than your real lashes or they'll end up looking spidery and cartoonish, rather than feminine.

Apply white or nude eyeshadow

White or nude eyeshadow can enhance the darkness of your lashes and make your eyes pop. After applying primer or concealer to your eyelids, create a color base with a white shadow or a nude one that resembles your skin tone. Then, apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes to define and open your eyes. To make your eyes look bigger and more awake, line your waterline with white eyeliner instead of dark eyeliner.

Keep the rest of your makeup simple

Want your lashes to pop? Keep the rest of your makeup look simple. Using intense shadow shades or striking wings will take the focus off your lashes. If possible, opt for nude or white eyeshadow and go heavy only on the mascara and fake lashes. To take the innocent effect up a notch, consider wearing contact lenses that give the illusion of large doll-like pupils. You'll also want to give heavy contouring and highlighting a pass; doll lashes are better complemented by delicate cheeks with a soft, subtle glow.