Short Veils: The Bridal Silhouette Giving Old Hollywood Glamour To Your Wedding Look

The landscape of bridal fashion is continuously evolving and changing, and we have witnessed wedding styles rise and fall out of favor only to re-emerge a few years later, revamped with a twist. However, amongst the shifting trends, one accessory has stood the test of time — the adored wedding veil. This captivating piece gives off an aura of mystique and romance as a bride walks down the aisle, adding an enchanting touch to the wedding ensemble. While veils of various lengths and styles have graced the bridal world, short veils are the bridal silhouette that gives old Hollywood glamour to your wedding look.

Whether you like to keep it simple with understated tulle elegance or like to embellish it with ornate lace and opulent stones, short wedding veils exude an allure that will perfectly complement a bride's personality and gown, ensuring a unique and stylish finishing touch that will make an impression. If you are looking to embrace the glamour of Hollywood's golden eras, the short veil will rise to the occasion and make heads turn. Here are the short-veil styles we like best.

The birdcage veil

A  birdcage veil, nothing gives off more Hollywood glamour than this. Measuring a mere 35 cm from the top of a comb to the hem, this retro-style veil sits on a bride's head as the fabric gently covers the face like a hanging birdcage. It is typically made from Russian net or translucent tulle and can be adorned with intricate lace, opulent pearls, and delicate floral embellishments, adding a touch of charming allure to the bride's ensemble (via Britten).

The blusher veil

A blusher veil gives a romantic feel reminiscent of the Hollywood golden era to any modern bride. Aimed to cover the face of brides while they walk down the aisle, a short two-tiered blusher veil is chic and beguiling. While the translucent tulle does not really hide the face, there is something alluring as the groom unveils it, revealing the captivating beauty. Blusher veils are made of delicate tulle and can be fully attached to the veil, also known as the butterfly cut, or be a separate piece that can later be taken out, as per Brides.

The lace veil

Romantic and elegant, the lace veil is an enchanting accessory that effortlessly elevates even the simplest wedding dresses, infusing them with an undeniable touch of timeless glamour. Taking a cue from the iconic Grace Kelly, the lace veil is a timeless classic that forever reigns in favor. Delicate lace floral patterns adorned with intricate details and lavish beads and gems make the lace veil an instant eye-catcher as a short version may gracefully drape slightly over the shoulders, which could make for a truly unforgettable entrance from the bride.

The Juliet-cap veil

The Juliet cap veil is the ultimate option to embellish your bridal silhouette with the Hollywood allure. Made from traditional or silk tulle, the Juliet cap can be as simple or ornate as the bride wants (via Britten). From delicate beadwork to lace additions, and pearls, this veil can perfectly complement a wedding dress with the bohemian flair or add an elegant touch to the bride that chooses a cheer chiffon A-line dress. Regardless of the wedding dress trend you choose, the Juliet cap veil is a timeless precious addition, infusing bygone eras with a modern twist.

The mantilla veil

Borrowing the lavishness of the Spanish intricately laced veil, the mantilla veil is a classic accessory and the epitome of grace and sophistication. The mantilla is worn gracefully over the head, exuding an ethereal vibe to any bridal ensemble. Plus, since it softly rests on the forehead, the mantilla's flowing silhouette does not add extra height to the bridal figure, making it an excellent option for brides already on the tall side. Claimed to have originated in Spain, according to NK Bride, a short mantilla veil symbolizes tradition and can complement any wedding gown.