The 'O Method' Manifestation Technique Is Probably Exactly What You Think It Is

A viral letter-themed manifestation technique has swept social media in a frenzy, but it isn't quite your childhood ABCs. In fact, this method of manifesting your desires carries the namesake letter that's easily the most sensual letter in the alphabet — the letter O. From its appearance in Hollywood films and television shows to top-rated books, podcasts, and more, the circular letter has become synonymous with passionate experiences, which is exactly what this trend involves. Utilizing a combination of approaches that merge traditional manifestation methods with tips from social media users and experts alike, the O method manifestation technique references using orgasmic pleasure to aid in manifesting opportunities throughout your life.

Manifestation is the process of making something transpire, or otherwise creating an entity, relationship, connection, or opportunity in your life and providing it with the environment it needs to thrive, per Berkeley Well-Being Institute. As your manifestations come into being and begin to thrive in your life, ultimately weaving the aspirations and goals you've manifested into reality, you'll likely find yourself thriving as well.

Manifestation methods, therefore, are like planting seeds that will grow into the flower, tree, plant, or other wondrous verdure of your choosing. You can manifest career achievements, social connections, personal growth, and more — and by putting the O method to good use, you'll have a powerful tool for bringing those goals and desires into your life. Here's how it works.

Universal energy guides manifestation

In case you haven't already guessed, the O method manifestation technique emphasizes the energy around climaxing, otherwise called orgasming, shares Dr. Anna Kress. The idea is to harness the extremely powerful energy believed to exist within your personal sexuality; since sexual intimacy is a genuinely primitive human proclivity, there is said to be hugely impactful energy from the universe around sexual prowess. Using the energy that exists both within your inner consciousness and outside of yourself by means of universal energy, the O method focuses on channeling the vibrational frequency of your desires and turning them into realities by effectively co-manifesting alongside the universe. By directing your powerful sexual energy toward the purpose of manifesting something you want, you give a little "boost" to your ability to achieve the universal connection needed to manifest your desires.

While this premise of co-creating with the universe by using your sexual experiences may seem a bit abstract, there's a large foundation behind the O method's call for universal collaboration. The law of attraction is one of the most notable methods of manifesting your desires and molding them into concrete realities, and it's this well-known manifestation methodology that the O method is based on. Forbes reports that the law of attraction can be simplified down to the rudimentary concept of like attracting like — that is, what you put out into the universe through your energy is the frequency of universal energy that will be returned to you.

Spend time figuring out your intimate desires

To fully harness the co-creative frequencies of sexual energy within the universe, you must first become deeply acquainted with yourself. Eye Mind Spirit advises that the O method produces the best manifestation results when you've spent time discerning exactly what it is you want to manifest. It's important that you allow yourself to be open and honest about your desires rather than becoming stuck in your head and trapped by beliefs reinforcing that you're only allowed to envision certain experiences. There's an abundance of societal messaging inundating us with what it's okay for us to want and what we should or shouldn't strive for in life, but venturing away from societal confinements can help you better visualize and connect with the feeling of having what it is you want. 

Let go of all self-judgments when envisioning your fantasies — whether that's a full bank account, a fulfilling relationship with someone, or something else. Then, grab a notebook or journal and get to know yourself better by writing about your intimate thoughts, dreams, and details of the desire you'd like to experience. Allow your to mind wander into unexplored territory, and trust that the universe will be right there beside you supporting you through your introspective journey of discovering your desires. The clearer you are about what you want, the easier it will be to visualize having it, from how you feel about it to what your life with your manifested desire looks like.

Start with one aspiration

Like most things in life, if you try to multitask or have too much on your plate, you'll likely become scattered and experience less success than if you'd started with one task that you can take on with undivided attention. The same principle applies to manifestation. Ultimately, you'll be met with greater achievement if your energy is fueled into one goal over attempts to manifest multiple desires concurrently. Once you've determined what you want — whether your list is concise or overflowing with goals and fantasies — choose one aspiration from your list to manifest through the use of the O method.

After deciding on your goal, the next step is to engage in intense visualization of what you hope to experience — enough so that the feeling of having it is ingrained in your subconscious mind. Envision a mental version of a vision board for your desires, or spend time creating a physical vision board to be displayed as an additional reminder of the journey you're manifesting through the O method. Eye Mind Spirit suggests beginning by imagining who you want to be as your desire becomes a reality, trying your best to visualize what it will feel like emotionally, energetically, and sensually as your manifestation unfolds. This is where you may begin to feel more positive energy frequencies surrounding you. Don't be afraid to also allow the frequencies of your sensual prowess to wash over you as you visualize your ideals.

Tap into your own 'O' energy

Upon trying something new, it's bound to feel slightly awkward or uncomfortable until you find your footing — and given how vulnerable intimacy can be, it's completely understandable that it might feel awkward to begin manifesting your fantasies by tapping into your own sexual energy. This is where TikTok users have been coming to the rescue by providing tips for making the most of the O method's manifestation capabilities.

TikTok user @venusxtarot gives pointers for embracing your untapped sensual potential, particularly for connecting with yourself on divine universal frequencies if the experience is a brand-new sensation for you. Tips for comfortably easing into your sensual energy include connecting with yourself in the mirror, infusing your physical space with pink or red lighting, utilizing your sense of smell by lighting a candle or incense that is both calming and sensually stimulating for you, and bringing in the sounds of love frequencies that can be played in the background as you engage in the intimate experience part of O method manifestation.

If you've decided to bring in that O energy with the help of a partner, you might choose to write out a script beforehand; this can be particularly helpful if you're manifesting sexual desires through roleplaying. Don't forget that what you wear can help you feel confident during your sexual experience, so you might opt to adorn yourself with lingerie or clothing in which you feel comfortable expressing yourself — or even wear nothing at all!

Fuel the frequency of your fantasy

After visualizing what you want and setting the stage for your sensual experience, it's time to put the O method to work. As you tap into your own higher frequencies — with the help of some O energy — and the correlating energy of the universe, you should begin to feel the two frequencies align. For clarity on what an energetic frequency is, TikTok user @alexarosev_ explains that the human equivalent is the experience of feeling emotions, of cultivating within yourself feelings that will guide you closer to the goal you're manifesting. As you visualize your desire, intentionally scale your energy — or your emotions and feelings — toward a higher, positive frequency (like that feeling of fulfillment from having what you desire). The more you visualize your fantasies in this higher-frequency space, especially when further heightened with that O energy, the more easily your desired manifestations can transpire into realities.

How does this work, exactly? Well, Metro reports that the mindset you cultivate through visualizing your desires can initiate changes within your thought patterns, ultimately influencing how you act and aiding in your desires coming to fruition. The O method's initial steps, which include defining your goals and visualizing them, are helpful techniques for gaining clarity on your innermost ambitions and desires. And practicing sensual self-love can strengthen your relationship with yourself and your energetic connection with the frequencies found within the universe, especially if you're struggling to reach higher frequencies of positive energy with visualization alone.

Manifesting isn't magic

It's important to remember that while various manifestation methods have positive effects for users, manifestation isn't a magical solution to make all of your desires appear with the wave of a wand. After gaining clarity on your goals and devising clear steps to manifesting your desires, you'll experience the best outcomes from your efforts if you combine them with self-discipline. Commit to doing the things you need to do to cultivate an environment in which your manifestations can thrive. For instance, you won't land your dream job if you never apply — use the O method in addition to brushing up on your skills and sending out your résumé.

Finally, ensure that you're maintaining an optimistic mindset with positive convictions that your outcome awaits you. This step of the O method manifestation technique ties together everything you've done up until this point, including your elevated energetic frequency and proactive efforts.

No matter what kinds of dreams you're hoping to transform into realities while using the O method's techniques, continue to be intentional about pushing yourself onto higher energetic frequencies with each manifestation. Just as the circular shape of the letter O is never-ending, the possibilities the O manifestation technique can bring into your life are equally indefinite in both quantity and quality. By adhering to the method, you'll not only experience the pleasure of increasing your own O energy but also know that you're using it to bring your dreams to life!