Brown Lipstick Is The Latest '90s Comeback Trend (& It's Pairing Perfectly With Deep Lip Liners)

Many '90s manicures are coming back with an elevated 2023 remix, and we are seeing hairstyles from the '90s everywhere in 2023, so it's safe to conclude that the '90s revival is taking over the beauty world. Thus, we're not surprised that various '90s-inspired makeup looks are constantly popping up this year. 

Even if this wasn't your favorite decade, you can't ignore the '90s resurgence when it comes to fashion and beauty trends. As proof, #90smakeup on Instagram has more than 60,000 posts at the time of writing, so we recommend giving the edgy decade's unique style another chance if you weren't a fan the first time around. Regarding love-it-or-hate-it '90s beauty trends, one of the most prominent returning looks is brown lipstick.

Yes, brown lipstick is back in 2023, and it looks beautiful with trendy dark lip liner. "Thanks to TikTok, this look is becoming more and more popular with younger generations and is definitely on the radar for summer," Beau Nelson, a celebrity makeup artist, told The Zoe Report. That's right, now people of all ages are ready to rock brown lipstick, so there's no excuse not to experiment with it.

Let the brown lipstick be the focal point

Brown lipstick typically looks bold, especially if you wear it with lip liner. One benefit of that striking effect is that you won't have to wear much other makeup with it. The brown lipstick will make a statement on its own, so you won't need to add many more details, such as eye makeup. Let the brown lips be the focal point if you're going for a trendy, elegant look.

Or rock ultra-bold makeup

If you're going for a classy look that leans toward the minimalistic side of '90s aesthetics, don't add too much other makeup. But if you want to embrace the edgier side of the '90s, have fun with all the makeup in your bag! Go ahead and flaunt a full face with dark eyeliner, shadow, and mascara, in addition to the brown lipstick if you're ready to commit to the decade's more intense vibes.

Try going ultra dark

Do you enjoy daring, eye-catching makeup? Don't be afraid to rock a dark brown lipstick shade. Darker shades typically appear more dramatic and edgier than lighter, more subtle lipsticks. So, if you're going for drama, opt for dark brown lipsticks and liners. Not only will your look make a statement, but you'll draw more attention to your beautiful lips.

Wear a glamorous ensemble

If you're going for casual, ultra-cool-girl, model-off-duty vibes, you can get away with pairing brown lipstick with jeans and a T-shirt or maybe even a hoodie and sneakers. However, such a bold lipstick color typically looks better with more creative outfits. Pull off a more style-savvy, fashion-forward, and glamorous look by pairing the retro lipstick shade with your most fashionable garments and accessories, such as statement coats, bold sunglasses, and sassy hats.