7 '90s Manicures Coming Back With An Elevated 2023 Remix

Anyone paying attention to the fashion and beauty spaces recently knows that vintage style has been the source of many of the latest trends. From tube tops to cargo pants, the '90s are appearing everywhere in the fashion world, and are anything but over. Another area that has seen a major influence from the era is the nails. Manicures inspired by the '90s have been in full force and have even received a remix.

Instead of bringing back a dated style, nail lovers are getting inspired by the '90s trends but making them perfect for 2023. So while these may not be exact copies of the nail trends we all know and love, they are the perfect combination of new and old. Even some classic nail designs like French manicures are getting redesigned for a new era. It doesn't matter how you feel about the '90s; these nail designs are about to become your go-to styles.

Square but round French nails

In 2023, we are playing with optical illusions to create two shapes in one. Instead of opting for a typical '90s square nail design, create a rounded French manicure design on your square nail for a chic deception. Not only will this look modern but it gives your creative shape some sophistication and elegance.

Nude glossy and glazed nails

Nude nails were the go-to manicure for '90s supermodels. While a natural look is always welcomed, 2023 is about giving them a unique twist. Instead of just swiping on nude nail polish, give your nails some texture and shine in the process. Glazed and glossy nails have become some of the hottest nail trends of the year because they can easily spice up any nail look in a flash. 

Red chrome nails

Chrome nails have recently risen in popularity. An ode to the '90s, red chrome nails will give you the same elegance as regular red but with an added texture and shine to them. Chrome nails aren't going anywhere, and the red hue is perfect for highlighting this trend.

Natural lip oil nails

Before the height of acrylics and long nails, the easiest way of having on-trend nails was to simply coat them with a bit of clear nail polish before heading out. Instead of leaving your nails bare, give them a lip oil finish. With lip oils becoming popular everywhere now, it's not uncommon to see these lip oil nails become the new "natural." Simply coat your nails with a baby pink or the lightest shade possible, and add a high-shine coat finish on top for the glossy oily texture.

Metal chrome nails

While everyone was familiar with edgy and grungy '90s nails, nowadays it's all about adding some chicness to it as well. Instead of going with a plain black or silver to mimic your favorite metallic color, opt for high-shine chrome nails to take this trend into 2023. Chrome nails can be applied in almost any color, from the darkest hue to the boldest shade. The chrome texture you apply to your nails will give you the ultimate '90s rocker look without having to completely commit to it.

Micro mini French manicures

Everyone knows that French manicures were all the rage in the '90s and even earlier. These classic and understated nail designs are essential if you want a subtle splash of elegance. However, long gone are the days of settling with a simple white French tip. Instead, opt for a micro mini French tip, which gives you the faintest appearance of a white line on the tip. This easy remix to a classic design is the best way to give your nails elegance but with some freshness.

Chic pierced nails

If we have learned anything in 2023, it's that almost any trend can be chic. Pierced nails are a shining example of this. While this may not be for the faint of heart, pierced nails can create some added bling and boldness to your look. Go for smaller piercings for a more subtle look that can quietly give you some added edge.