'Little Treat Tax': The Viral TikTok Hack Helping Women Find Balance In Their Relationships

The latest relationship hack that's trending on our favorite app for real-life advice is all about rewarding yourself with a little special something, and it might not be for the reasons you'd expect. While we love a good "just because" self-indulgence, TikTok's little treat tax is actually all about patiently tagging along on your partner's activities that are, well, not exactly your favorite.

Watching a baseball tournament, going golfing, sitting through yet another Marvel movie or video game session — we do a lot of things we'd rather not for the ones we love, and essentially, this trend says we should most definitely be charging a little treat tax in exchange. Maybe it's stopping at Starbucks on the way, booking yourself a manicure, or going on a quick Target run after said activity, but taking the time for a little treat helps to even out the enjoyment in your planned experiences with your partner. Between it ensuring you both get something you enjoy out of your activities and giving you a little more patience with each other's less-enjoyable interests, there's really no downside when it comes to the little treat tax — let's take a closer look at how this viral hack is helping people find a more balanced approach to maintaining their relationships.

Supporting your partner's hobbies can strengthen your relationship

While the TikTok trend may be a funny play on the boredom your significant other's interests might incur, showing intentional curiosity about your partner's hobbies can greatly build your bond. You may not want to spend your weekend antiquing or hanging out at the crystal expo, but getting involved in something your partner loves and joining them in doing what lights them up will definitely make them feel seen, cared for, and special.

Showing an interest in your partner's hobbies and identity is a signal of respect and something everyone should experience in a healthy relationship. The interest doesn't necessarily have to be genuine — no one can really force themselves to find a passion for something they aren't particularly drawn to, after all — but giving that time and effort as an expression of your love for the person will greatly strengthen the relationship.

But it's also natural to want to do something to make putting in that time and effort a little more enjoyable for you. If you know you'll find yourself feeling a bit drained after attending a baseball game or going to Comic-Con, then according to this viral TikTok hack, charging a little treat tax is more than acceptable. By giving yourself a little something to look forward to in exchange, supporting your partner's hobbies can feel less like an obligation you don't enjoy and more like the expression of love you intend it to be.

The benefits of rewarding yourself

Rewarding yourself with a little treat after tagging along on your partner's passion project doesn't necessarily mean it was hard work for you, but rather that in order to balance things out on the enjoyment side of things, you're going to stop for a boba tea or order that dress you've been eyeing. Treating yourself — as we all know by now — is supportive of mental health, and in the case of the little treat tax, it can even prevent resentment that could potentially build if you're feeling worn out from supporting your partner's hobbies. Essentially, the little treat tax is all in the name of love — both self-love and love for your partner.

Supporting one another's interests should, of course, be a mutual exchange, and you both deserve to indulge in the little treat tax. If you agree to go on a fishing trip for the weekend, it's totally valid to order the fantasy book you've been wanting and stock up on your favorite snacks. On the flip side, you might encourage your partner to treat themselves when you ask for their company to a car show or folk music festival that they're less enthused about attending than you are. You could even mix things up and provide your partner with their chosen little treat — and vice versa — in a mutual acknowledgment that you both deserve to enjoy yourselves, even when the bigger activity is a little more one-sided.