Is Chlorophyll Water A Helpful Hangover Cure? A Registered Dietician Weighs In

Let's face it, we can't hang like we did when we first turned 21. Once you reach a certain age, one night out with friends can become the worst morning hangover. You will even question if that last drink was worth it when you wake up at noon with a mind-busting headache and a turning stomach. If you want to have a drink on Saturday night but cure your hangover in time for brunch on Sunday morning, you aren't alone.

In the age of the internet, we are all hoping to save ourselves pain and doctors visits by solving our problems ourselves with a little help from social media — and this includes our hangovers. We have seen many supposed hangover cures on TikTok, from eating carbohydrates to drinking apple cider vinegar, but do any of them truly work?

One of the latest hangover cures to go viral is drinking chlorophyll water. Trista Best, a registered dietician at Balance One Supplements, environmental health scientist, and adjunct nutrition professor, exclusively tells Glam that chlorophyll water is often touted as a hangover remedy. But while it may work for some, there is no scientific proof to back up these viral claims.

Why chlorophyll water is touted as a cure for hangovers

So what is up with chlorophyll water? We have seen it all over our social media feeds, with wellness influencers like @oreo_luwa on Instagram promoting drinking it for its health benefits. In plants, chlorophyll is used to turn sunlight and food into energy, and in humans, registered dietician Trista Best exclusively tells Glam that chlorophyll can be "an easy way to detox, promote skin health, and provide the body with significant amounts of antioxidants." 

Chlorophyll water has gone viral on social media as a remedy for hangovers because these benefits can be helpful and healing after alcohol consumption, though this has not been proven through significant scientific research. "It is claimed that chlorophyll helps to eliminate toxins from the body and supports liver function," Best tells Glam.

Another reason chlorophyll can be great for a hangover is that its antioxidants can potentially oxidate stress and reduce inflammation, as Best tells Glam that "antioxidants found in chlorophyll, provided by the plant compounds, work in the body to remove and reduce toxins and free radical damage." All of these benefits combined seem promising to reduce the annoyance of a dreaded hangover significantly.

Other options that are proven to help

Unfortunately, because the claims of chlorophyll water curing hangovers cannot be thoroughly backed up by scientific research, you may want to have other remedies in your back pocket should you need them. Registered dietician Trista Best exclusively tells Glam that "other strategies such as proper hydration and rest are typically more effective in alleviating hangover symptoms." If you are feeling experimental, though, chlorophyll water can be a great option to try. But if you are in desperate need of relief that is proven to work, it is probably best to stick to the hangover basics.

Alcohol is extremely dehydrating, so some of your hangover is bound to be caused by dehydration. This is why drinking lots of water is one of the most effective hangover cures. Sleep is also a big part of curing your hangover. While it may seem lazy to sleep the day away, any sleep you get with lots of alcohol in your system is sure to be unrestful, so try to get as much of it as you can to balance things out.

Finally, don't be scared to pop a couple of pain relievers, but avoid acetaminophen as it can worsen the effects of alcohol on the liver. Though it may not be an all-natural cure, it can be essential to easing the pain of your hangover.