Greta Gerwig's Barbie Movie Is Ushering In A Summer Of Doll-Blond Hair

Cue Aqua's hit song "Barbie Girl"! Barbiecore is nothing new in fashion, with Valentino's Barbie pink trending over the past year and brands such as Balmain collaborating with Barbie on exclusive fashion items. Now, with Greta Gerwig's "Barbie" movie nearly upon us, Barbiecore is moving beyond the fashion space and finding itself in almost every aspect of our lives. This now includes our beauty routines.

It seems people with blond hair really do have more fun, as hairstylist Luke Hersheson tells Glamour UK that "[blonds] can help you feel lighter and lifted — and a bright colour can have a really uplifting, mood-boosting effect." Barbie's long and luscious blond hair has long been loved by people everywhere — even those with naturally blond hair themselves. Her hair is far from icy blond, but still avoids looking a brassy yellow; instead, it's a light blonde with creamy butter undertones. The doll's strands are often unattainable naturally, so many women have turned to dye and bleach to get the look. If you're out to get doll-blond hair this summer, we've curated six ways to style it to ensure you look and feel like a true Barbie girl.

Big and bouncy

Barbie's hair is known for having a beautiful blowout. Her blond hair features a side part with a bit of tease to create an overall big and bouncy look. Recreate this look on your newly dyed doll-blond hair with large velcro rollers and a blowdryer for the ultimate Barbie vibes.

Sun's out, roots out

For a less formal Barbie look that also requires less upkeep, try asking your stylist to purposefully leave your roots, instead making it look a bit grown out. This will give your look a more natural appearance than a traditional "Barbie" blond style, as well as prevent harsh lines once your hair grows out.

Barbie blond updo

Barbie's hairstyle is not one-size-fits-all. Sometimes, a Barbie doll just needs to put her hair up (we're looking at you, ballerina Barbie). Wear your new doll-blond hair up to keep it out of your face for any occasion, whether it be work or a night on the town. This is also a great way to show off the dimensional blond color.

Hollywood glam

Barbie and Hollywood go hand in hand, with several variations of Hollywood dolls under Mattel's belt. It's only fitting to try the classic Hollywood wave style on your new doll-blond hair. For instance, Sabrina Carpenter shared behind-the-scenes looks from her "Because I Liked a Boy" music video on Instagram, which featured Hollywood waves on Carpenter's Barbie-blond hair.

Braided Barbie

While braids are not a traditional Barbie hairstyle, they're a classic summer look that's both cool and casual. Your new doll-blond hair will need an everyday summer style, after all. Whether your braids are throughout the hair, in pigtails, or in any form in between, this is a perfect summer hairstyle.

The Barbie bob

Don't fret — if you're a short-hair lover at heart, you can still pull off doll-blond locks. In fact, we recommend a Barbie-blond bob. The bob is a traditionally chic and put-together hairstyle. Combining this with blond hair naturally creates the perfect juxtaposition between fun and serious that we're all craving this summer.