What Does It Mean To Be Looking For A Short-Term Relationship?

Before the advent of dating apps, the world of dating looked quite different from how it currently does. Relationships often began in unexpected ways and didn't always need to be defined. Some lasted and some didn't, and every experience taught us something new about ourselves.

Yet, with algorithms guiding our love lives now, it's easier than ever before to make your intentions clear right from the beginning of a relationship. If you are keen to find the one and settle into a traditional relationship followed by marriage and children, you can intentionally declare to potential suitors. On the other hand, if you are just looking for a fun connection and don't want to define anything from the start, perhaps a short-term relationship is what you seek. Bear in mind that a short-term relationship differs from a casual fling or one-night stand. In it, there is usually a desire to spend time with the other person beyond a single meeting or sexual encounter. 

Whatever your dating needs, being aware of them allows you to approach a new person with a strong intention, which will definitely lead to a more positive launch to any relationship.

What does a short-term relationship entail?

Quite simply put, a short-term relationship means the parties choose to focus on the present without thinking about the future and what it may entail for them as a couple. This could take the form of a vacation fling, a friends-with-benefits situation, or something that looked promising initially but fizzled out fast.

Sometimes, the pressure of making a relationship work can be too much for people to handle if they simply want to enjoy someone's company and see where it goes without defining it. With situationships gaining prominence in recent years, it is not unusual for people to want to take things slowly and keep it real.

There is nothing wrong with seeking out short-term relationships. In fact, there are many advantages to exploring them. They allow you to meet lots of new people and gauge what works for you and what doesn't. You can establish a fun connection with someone without feeling the need to be committed to them emotionally, and you definitely won't need to deal with the stress of a relationship fallout. These kinds of relationships also help to improve your self-esteem after a bad breakup and make you look forward to the idea of dating again.

How to determine if a short-term relationship is right for you

There could be many reasons to choose short-term relationships over long-term ones. Perhaps you are only visiting a place for a short period of time and are looking for companionship and someone who makes you feel comfortable in a strange environment. If you are hyper-focused on your goals and ambitions, career or education, or if you are a primary caregiver to a young child or aging parent, perhaps you believe there is no space in your life for anything other than a short-term relationship. You may also not care to be tied down to a final plan for your future at present.

If, however, your relationship goal is to feel fulfilled, secure, and committed to a single partner, a short-term relationship will not work for you. Most of these kinds of relationships function on the basis of physical intimacy, witty banter, and fun. Similarly, if you are keen to connect with someone emotionally, a short-term relationship is not right for you.

For a short-term relationship to succeed, you must be clear about your intentions right from the jump. It is essential that you are on the same page as your potential partner. You should also be open with communication throughout the duration of the relationship. If you do develop feelings for them at some point, be sure to let them know, as they may not feel the same way.