Color-Changing Thermal Makeup Is The Mood Ring Of Beauty Trends

Color-shifting adornments purported to declare your emotions, mood rings have been a staple accessory for every generation at one point or another for decades. There's a good chance that you've owned a mood ring before, or tried one on to see what it can tell you about your inner feelings. For summer 2023, you don't need to don a mood ring unless you're feeling particularly nostalgic. 

If you've ever doubted your inner power, color-changing thermal makeup is here to let you know that magic is real. Specifically, the makeup magic at the root of this innovative cosmetic technology relies on you to bring out the color transformations which hallmark the growing trend of interactive cosmetics. With wow-factor effects, thermal makeup is the cosmetic equivalent of the grown-up mood ring.

The innovation of this thermal makeup means that you can incorporate the spirit of mood rings into every facet of your makeup routine. You may even discover new elements you wish to bring into your summer style as you transition from pseudo-telepathic rings to thermal-reactive palettes. Here's what to know about the evolving realm of thermal makeup and how you can rock it this summer, particularly when you bring it out for some fun in the sun. 

Technology meets beauty magic

From eyeshadow palettes to blush to nail polish, there is quite possibly a color-changing thermal option for every type of makeup product on the market, and it's easy to see why the innovative cosmetics are becoming so popular. They create the perfect shimmering chrome shades that instantly make the wearer stand out in the most dazzling and brilliant ways!  

By reacting to heat, the beauty-based technology within color-changing thermal makeup products does exactly as the name suggests, which is change colors. Some shades go from dark matte to bright, glistening metallics while other products transition from hues of blue to sheens of green. Having developed popularity with color-changing gel manicures, some thermal color-changing makeup concoctions shift in tone due to your body heat and others respond to the warmth and rays of sunlight, per Mit Media Lab

Looking towards more futuristic formulas, HunterLab reveals that though color-changing styles have been around for decades with the classic mood ring being the most iconic example, modern developments in spectrophotometric technology are able to assess the thermal heat temperatures of surfaces, like your skin, and create more precise shading than ever before.

Choosing your thermal cosmetic products

Given that the makeup products which fall under the umbrella of color-changing thermal beauty are all based on your specific body temperature, light exposure, and factors unique to you, the look you'll get with each mixture will be inherently personalized. If you weren't already convinced that color-changing thermal makeup should be at the top of your next shopping list, the way each product can be tailored to you should definitely hold some influence. However, there isn't perfection in tone precision across the board just yet. Not dissimilar to inexpensive mood rings, some color-changing cosmetics seem to take on the same tint regardless of the surface they're applied to (via Into The Gloss).

Glamour 'N Glow advises being informed about the ingredients in each color-changing recipe as there may be synthetic or allergy-inducing components used to achieve the product's reaction with heat. Once you find the right solutions, your morning routine will instantly become easier with products like thermal primers said to bring out a naturally warm glow and color-transitioning foundation and concealer formulas.

The best part about all of this is that the technology is still rapidly developing, so be on the lookout for an increasing likeness in shade-shifting formulas that'll have you questioning if it's just science, or if magic is real after all.