How To Make Socks And Sandals Fashionable Against All Odds

Traditional fashion faux pas that eventually end up trending and being deemed "fashion-forward" is nothing new. Think about it — in the past few years alone we have seen fanny packs and winter whites become trendy. This season, the latest fashion faux pas to hit the streets as a trend is the classic "socks with sandals" look. While many of us have tried out the combo once or twice to grab groceries out of the car or go get the mail, it is generally a look we have purposefully avoided wearing in public — until now.

We are revoking any previous statements about socks with sandals being a fashion sin due to Jennifer Lawrence breaking the rule — and rocking it. The actor was seen wearing $35 Adidas Adilette comfort slides with ankle socks, leggings, and a t-shirt. Celebrities, they really are just like us. 

The queen of comfort herself has shown us that you can wear socks with sandals and look cute while doing it. Therefore, we have curated six trendy, yet comfortable, ways you can style socks with your sandals this summer.

With Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are the sandal that we most commonly see paired back with socks. The overall aesthetic of socks and Birks is one that TikTok has deemed "granola," whereas others may say it gives dad vibes. The look is versatile and can be worn during all the seasons. Pair sweater-style socks with Birkenstocks in winter and wear traditional crew socks with them during the summer.

The athletic look

Pairing athletic slide sandals with socks is where comfort meets fashion. Athletic slides themselves have been controversial in the fashion scene, with people debating if they should be left for the gym shower. Instagram influencer @ellieekellyy proves the haters wrong as she skillfully styles white athletic slides with a blue short tracksuit.

With funky printed socks

What is more fun than printed socks? A pair of funky socks can add something extra to your already noticeable socks-with-sandals look. You can try something eye-catching but humorous, such as the cheesy taco and avocado socks seen at Old Navy checkouts. Or, if you are looking to be a bit more traditional but still not plain, try a pair of feminine floral socks.

With fisherman sandals

Fisherman sandals are already making a statement this summer. "They add a level of nonchalance to any outfit," model and designer TyLynn Nguyen told Vogue. They are such a casual type of sandal, that no one will bat an eye if you choose to add socks, which will peek through and add to their "no big deal" fashion appeal.

The designer look

Designer lovers, there is room for you in the socks-with-sandals club. In fact, wearing casual crew socks with sandals decked out in a designer logo is the perfect way to combine luxury with comfort. Instagram influencer @hannahbaxward showcases her summer go-to look featuring a pair of Chanel sandals and nude crew socks.

With sandal heels

Socks with sandals move into uncharted territory when those sandals have heels. Adding a pair of socks to your heeled sandals create a more casual feel that can take an outfit down a notch to make it more appropriate for simple day dates. We love how Instagram fashion influencer @thebeautybeau takes her belted dress look to new heights with a pair of sandal heels and classic white crew socks.