Suit Vests: The Menswear Trend Helping Us All Remix Everyday Summer Attire

If you appreciate a chic sweater vest and adore a classic puffer vest, then you might also be intrigued by the idea of suit vests. Perhaps an obvious choice if you work in an office, they can also be styled in a range of other ways that are perfect for your new summer look. In fact, plenty of fashionable celebrities have already jumped on this trend, like Taylor Swift, Zendaya, and Elle Fanning. Virginia Seymour, the director of the British brand Aligne, explained to The Guardian what sparked this trend, saying, "At the start of 2020 there was a casual loungewear moment. After [the] lockdown came floral dresses and white trainers. Now people want pieces with more structure."

On top of that, stylish shoppers are also savvy and know that opting for a vest opens up plenty of ensemble-related opportunities (which also gives you more bang for your buck, as they say). Karen Peacock, the co-founder of clothing brand Albaray, told The Guardian, "Our customers want things that they can style in different ways and to create different outfits. Separates allow you to do this."

Thanks to the versatility of this particular piece, you have a variety of choices when it comes to what kind of suit vest to wear. That's not to mention how to style each one.

Classic standard suit vest

Thanks to the fact that suit vests tend to feature clean cuts and a strong shape, you don't need to do a lot to make them look good. For instance, if this is a new look for you, then you might want to opt for a classic standard suit vest in a dark neutral color like solid black, charcoal gray, or navy blue. Wear it with a simple yet sleek shirt, loose pants, and your favorite pairs of open-toed shoes that are all on the lighter side to complete the look.

Dark-colored pinstripe suit vest

There's surely no doubt that a pinstripe suit vest is just as classic as a piece that boasts a single solid color. The vertical lines that give this style its name may be relatively subtle, however, they also take the look up a notch. Although pinstripes can make a full suit much more formal, the vest alone can be worn with an outfit that's fancy, casual, or anything in between. This gives you a chance to wear it with skirts, pants, leggings, shorts, or whatever else you might want to slay this summer.

Extra-long suit vest

There's nothing wrong with taking a style a little (or a lot) further when it looks this good. That's why you might want to consider wearing an extra-long suit vest. Offering you the same fit on the upper portion, the bottom of this version has been extended so that it comes down well past the waist which gives it more room to shine. This particular piece also features pocket flaps and a collar that mimics what is found on a suit jacket which is a fun take on this trend.

Light-colored pinstripe suit vest

Slip on a pinstripe suit vest that takes the vibe in a totally different direction by using a light-colored base. In this case, a barely-there beige has been used along with the white lines that are needed for this style. Although this makes the stripes harder to spot from a distance, this gives them a chance to draw in the eye in an understated way. Worn buttoned up as a shirt (meaning there's no additional shirt beneath it), grab a pair of jeans with a big belt and matching bag to put together a full ensemble.

Linen suit vest

Linen vests are just as trendy as suit vests which is why you can't go wrong by combining the two in one piece. With the material of the former along with the shape and details of the latter, you end up with a vest that's breathable, comfortable, and super-stylish. Another option that you could wear with or without a shirt depending on the size and cut, it also looks amazing with pants, a skirt, or a matching pair of lightweight linen shorts. Pop on casual sandals and you're ready to head out the door.

Patterned suit vest

There are seemingly unlimited options when it comes to patterned suit vests. From printed paisley to embroidered florals, you might also be interested in a vest that's checkered, has polka dots, or boasts a trippy tie-dye design. Let your vest truly stand out and be the star of your outfit by sticking with a shirt and bottoms in solid colors as well as straightforward accessories that won't distract from the pattern.