Greenery Tattoos: The Trend Breathing Life Into Your Ink This Summer

Getting a tattoo can be done whenever you want, but new ink is always someone's summer highlight because they can show it off. It's exciting when you get a tattoo in the fall or winter, but, depending on its location, you have to hide it behind clothes. 

There are various tattoo trends you'll be seeing this summer, such as greenery, which is a step up from just getting flowers. "We are used to seeing florals done in so many different ways. Although beautiful, now it's time for the less appreciated (and more tropical) greenery to step into the limelight," Jazmin Paulino, a tattoo artist at Fleur Noire Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY, told Popsugar. Greenery tattoos are versatile and can have various meanings, depending on how you view the plant. They often describe a person's connection with life, tranquility, or stability. Some people create a personal connection with greenery tattoos that represent their family. 

Once you settle on the type of greenery tattoo you want, there are a few things to remember when getting a tattoo in the summer. Wear light layers so your tattoo isn't exposed to much sunlight that could damage it. And once your tattoo can tolerate sunscreen – typically after a month or two — wear sunscreen often. Moreover, stay out of swimming pools and ocean water until your tattoo is completely healed. Here are a few greenery tattoos that could inspire your next ink appointment.

Place a vine wrapping around your shoulder

If you enjoy minimal, delicate tattoos, opt for a vine tattoo that wraps around your shoulder. Ask your tattoo artist to add a few flowers along the vine for a touch of color — they can be representative of your family's birth month, or simply be your favorite blooms. They can even be meaningless, but still mean so much. The beauty is, the choice is yours.

Keep in mind that the shoulder and collarbone area can be more sensitive, so place the vine around your leg or forearm if you have a low pain tolerance.

Mix greenery with a favorite hobby

Vines or simple flowers can feel like they are missing something, especially if it's a smaller, fine-line tattoo. Add your personal touch by combining the greenery with your favorite hobby. This tattoo has a girl resting her arms on a book with the flowers coming out of her head, signifying she's in charge of her own mind and what she puts in it. Another idea is to place your greenery in a coffee cup to represent that you fill your own cup.

Add grayscale fruit for a look that's unexpected

Tattoo artist Jazmin Paulino told Popsugar that fruit would be another tattoo trend this summer. You can combine your greenery with fruit and create a gorgeous fruit tree or have fruit hanging from a branch. This stunning black ink tattoo mixes blueberries with blackberries on a single stem with leaves and flowers. Its intricacy makes the blackberries look extremely life-like, as if you could pluck them straight from the branch.

Or choose bright fruits for a pop of color

Another excellent example of a simple greenery and fruit tattoo is this branch with three apples. The colorful design has deep forest green leaves on a dark brown branch with lime green apples that pop out at you. This tattoo can definitely be seen from a mile away. The detailed branch with the tiny bumps makes it realistic and unique. Of course, you can add your twist to it with different fruit, like oranges or pears.

Keep it classic with greenery in a vase

You might've seen flowers in vases many times, but you can design them as a tattoo in numerous ways. Try switching the type of flowers or greenery used or adding extra detail to the vase. You don't have to keep it simple, either. Instead, create an antique design. The various leaves from the vase are a great example of an ideal greenery tattoo you'll see all summer. Clearly, vines can have their own place in a vase without flowers.

Opt for a potted plant

If you enjoy vibrant ink art, create a potted plant design with many colors. This simple potted leaf plant is detailed and gives you a warm feeling when you look at it. You can tailor the design to fit your preferences. For example, you can change the pot's colors or choose a different leaf type. Or, have your tattoo artist make a squared pot rather than a round one. 

Layer your favorite leaves

Create a tropical panel of vines for a unique design. Layering your favorite leaves will look stunning on your body. You can place it on your shin, thigh, or bicep to stand out when wearing tank tops and shorts throughout the summer. In addition, this type of tattoo gives off a very jungle-like vibe from how these leaves are layered.