'Naked Nail Summer': The Low-Maintenance Mani Trend That Still Stuns

Most nail trends demand some seriously tedious upkeep. Their colors and designs often require strict maintenance and punctual salon appointments every few weeks, lest they grow too long and start chipping or lifting away. Plus, if you're hoping for an eye-catching design, you might spend a minimum of two hours getting your nails done. This can be off-putting, especially during the summer months when all you want to do is leave on a much-needed vacation or simply have a respite from your normal routines. Most nails require year-round maintenance, but not nude nails. Which is why naked nails are perfect for the summer. 


The idea behind "naked nails" is not only to beautify your natural nails but also to provide a much-needed summer break from your high-maintenance nails. Your nails should absolutely be the last of your worries for the next few months, and this nail trend respects that. So, stick to the basics — nudes, sheer polish, light browns, and even classic French tips — for worry-free upkeep that you can DIY at home or quickly touch up on at any salon.

Nude hues

The first thing anyone thinks of when hearing naked nails is nude nail polish, and they are right to think of nudes for this straightforward trend. The basis of it, after all, is to keep the bare look of your natural nails and elegantly enhance it with a neutral shade of polish.


Current it-girl Sofia Richie Grainge recently took to Instagram stories to voice her love of neutral nails and show off her pale beige polish. She speaks, and the world listens. And we're not above taking advice from the queen of quiet luxury.

Browns and tans

While we often think of peachy and beige hues as the only variants of nude, nudes encompass many browns and olive tones as well. People come in different shades, and all skin tones have their own range of nudes.


If you have a deeper skin tone, you may benefit from a wider range of options. Nails are typically pretty light, which means a brownish beige can look beautiful in contrast with your skin tone while maintaining the naked look. Darker browns also look great on deeper skin tones. For this one, it's truly up to personal taste.

Neutral pinks

Another way to partake in the naked nails trend is to choose a neutral or light shade of pink. The secret to choosing a pink that looks "naked" is to match your nail polish to your nail's naturally occurring pink shade. This will typically be a very pale pink hue but still lively and flattering.


At the salon, ask your nail expert to help you find the pink that best suits both your skin tone and the color of your nail bed. Bonus points if the shade is sheer and your natural nails peek through. 

Glitter and sheen

Your nails don't need to look plain and bare to follow the naked nail trend. But how do we spice them up? Well, in our experience, glitter never fails.

To achieve the glittery naked nails look, start with any neutral base, nude or pink. Then, pick your preferred shade and amount of glittery nail polish (preferably sheer) to add on top. You may even opt for a clear base and have the glitter shine atop your natural nails.


Thin French tips

One thing's for certain when it comes to the bare nail look: French tip nails will forever reign supreme in this trend. Already inspired by the natural nail look — soft pink body and white top — it seems only right that we honor it as the queen of naked nails. But can the beloved manicure be improved upon?


While French tips are perfect as they are, something that will take you a step closer to naked nails is keeping the white to a thin line. Ultra-thin French tips have been on the rise, and their subtlety is everything.