Tips To Make Any Bra Work For Strapless Outfits

Have you found yourself foregoing an entire outfit just because you didn't have the right bra for it? Well, haven't we all? Be it the annoying bra straps that are not shy about being seen or that gorgeous tube top that just doesn't work without the right bra, doing your everyday-bra work for strapless outfits is definitely a challenge.


Your choice of "bust support" for your strapless outfit could range from going braless to giving pasties a try. But, if you haven't invested in a good pair of pasties or they've simply lost their stickiness, there are plenty of bra hacks out there that can save your outfit. And, the best thing about these hacks is that it doesn't require a shopping list full of 5-minute craft equipment. From simply taking off those straps to building your own strap-free bra, your outfit can now have the leverage of a bra without any of the visibility. So, strap in and get ready to make those bra straps go unnoticed.

Removing the straps

You can transform your regular bra into a strapless bra easily by just removing those straps. Before wearing your bra, take off the straps from their attached clasps. And remember to keep your straps in a safe place for when you want to turn your bra back into a regular bra.


However, this does not work for all of us, at all times, for all outfits. It depends on the fit of your outfit and the bra you're wearing. Some bras can deliver all the support you need without the straps, while others tend not to do a good enough job. And with some bras, you'll find that this trick does a very bad job of keeping those cups steady. So, when trying this trick out, make sure the end result is exactly what you want. If it's not, don't worry; there are plenty of other tips out there that just might do the trick.

The bra strap criss-cross

The bra strap criss-cross trick is another easy, no-tools-necessary hack you can use to make your bra work for a strapless dress. To accomplish this hack, start by extending the straps of your bra to their longest length. Then, go ahead and wear your bra the normal way. Take the left strap and pull it over your head to the right side and bring it down to your ribcage. And you should bring the right strap over to the left side. Once done, both straps should be wrapped around your ribcage.


If you are getting a fold in the upper part of the cup area when wrapping the straps around your ribcage, try to wrap the straps right above your breasts instead of going down towards the ribcage area. To completely avoid the two flaps at the top of your bra from poking out, you can place the straps over them. However, this only works if your top doesn't have a deep cut. So, alternate accordingly.

The bra goes, the cups stay

Ready yourself with your sewing kit cause this one involves a little bit more work than just hiding your straps. And this trick works perfectly if you have an old bra you need to get rid of. Start by cutting off the straps of the said old bra and take off the cups. Put on your strapless outfit and position the cups on your chest under your clothes. To hold it in place temporarily, use multiple sewing pins and attach them to the cloth. Then, slowly take off the clothing, and while making sure none of the pins fall out, turn it inside out. You can then start sewing those cups into place to give your strapless outfit a permanent fix.


Even though it takes a bit of extra work, this hack will work on almost any outfit, be it strapless, backless, a tight fit, or a loose fit. And it will help put those old bras you have lying around to some good use.

Giving those straps a tuck-in

This is yet another way of hiding those stubborn but necessary straps to suit your strapless outfit. To start with, you're going to have to extend the length of the straps to a considerable length, enough to take them off your shoulders. Wear your bra the normal way and then take off the straps from your shoulders. Once the straps are off and dangling away, shorten their length so it's easier to tuck them in. Make sure you're folding them neatly so as to not create a bulge when they are tucked in. Tuck them into the band of your bra on either side to secure them and prevent any movement.


Though this method provides less support because of the no strap situation, it will come in extremely handy if you're in a hurry and need to salvage your strapless outfit or an off-the-shoulder-top, without a strapless bra.

Using a paper-clip

For this hack, you can use either a paperclip or a bobby pin. Extend the straps to their longest length and put on your bra the normal way. Then, take the straps off your shoulders so that they remain hanging from the sides. Take the straps from the two sides and bring them together to meet in the middle of your chest. Fasten or connect the two together using your bobby pin or paperclip. If the straps are too loosely wound around your chest, adjust the tightness by moving the clasp on your straps to shorten the length.


If your choice of clothing is a tightly fitted top or dress, this trick won't be as effective. The outline of the paperclip or the bobby pin will be seen through the tight fit, and it won't have a seamless effect. But don't worry, if that is the case, you can always try bringing the straps together from the back and fastening it at the back instead of the front. The only problem is you might need a little bit of assistance.

Fastening it to the back

This hack will ensure your makeshift strapless bra won't be annoyingly sliding off all the time. And you will no longer have to awkwardly use your hands from time to time to adjust it. All it takes is a little bit of replacement when it comes to the fastening.


Remove the straps from your regular bra and attach the hook of the strap to the hooks at the back of the bra. Once done, you should have the straps attached to the back of the bra. Then, go ahead and wear your bra. Reach for the two straps, which are now dangling at the back, and bring them to the front, wrapping them around your waist. Once you bring those to the front, attach the two clips together and secure them. This hack will prevent your strapless bra from always sliding down and will give you extra support.

Using clear straps

If you find yourself in a sticky situation where a strapless bra hack isn't doing you any favors and you desperately need that extra support, this should be your go-to hack. This hack provides all the extra support you need from your bra straps but with the invisibility option. All you need is a pair of clear straps. While some bras come with a pair of clear straps, some don't, but you can always purchase a pair. Remove the straps off your regular bra that is very much seeable and replace them with clear straps. Now you don't have to sacrifice the "upliftment" your straps provide for your girls just for the sake of a strapless outfit.


So, whether you want a more permanent solution for your strapless outfit or a quick fix when you're in a pinch, these hacks will guarantee the work of a bra.