The Sixth House In Astrology Is All About Health And Daily Life

If you've ever seen a copy of your astrological birth chart, you might have wondered why there appeared to be two zodiac wheels present. In actuality, only one of those wheels is the zodiac wheel, representing the 12 astrological signs and the sun's annual rotation through them. The other wheel represents the astrological houses, which are based on the earth's 24-hour rotation cycle. Each of these houses represents a particular area of life, and the planets located within it provide clues for which themes might surface in that area.

The sixth house is ruled by Mercury and represents health and work, both typically on a daily scale — more everyday routines rather than the overview of your whole life's journey. Think of the aspects of life ruled by this house as moving parts rather than finished projects. Planetary placements here weigh in on the day-to-day, hour-by-hour routines and decisions that make up the health of your body and the work that you do, both in your job and outside it. Let's dive in.

Daily health

Since the sixth house rules the realm of health on a daily level, everyday routines that impact your health — negatively or positively — are influenced by planetary placements here. For instance, a no-nonsense planet like Saturn in your sixth house means you probably have your eye on your long-term health, even if you're young. This could include sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine.

Meanwhile, a watery planet like the moon in your sixth house can result in a person whose emotions and health are deeply intertwined. If you find this placement in your birth chart, you're more likely to be the type of person who becomes physically ill from emotional stress. Fiery planets like Mars in the sixth house suggest a person who is naturally physically active and might suffer injuries from overuse if they're not mindful of their limits. An airy placement like Mercury, on the other hand, can result in a tendency to live in your head and forget to tend to the health of your body without intentionality. While your actual health depends on more than the stars, of course, these planetary placements can show you what tendencies you're more likely to fall into naturally.

The daily grind

Work is also ruled by the sixth house, but not in the same way that the tenth house rules career and overall public image. The sixth house represents work on a daily, practical level. It speaks of the nitty-gritty tasks you put in and the services you provide to keep things operational on a day-to-day basis. Again, planetary placements here are key — if you find a repeated struggle cropping up in your routines, take a look at your birth chart to see if a certain planetary energy might be influencing you here. 

For instance, serious sixth-house Saturn natives are likely to overload themselves with their daily tasks, rather than learning to delegate; overwhelm and burnout are the results. The dreamy moon in the sixth house tends to create a person who can become overly emotionally invested in their daily work — they might more easily get sucked into workplace drama or bring their emotional work stress home with them. People with Mars in their sixth house may be hard workers but may also struggle with their co-workers finding their prideful nature off-putting. For those with Mercury in their sixth house, a job that doesn't provide enough mental stimulation will leave them bored and disenchanted.