Want A Sweet & Sexy Summer Fling? Here's How To Make It Happen

Whether you've escaped to a hotel by the beach or are vacationing hundreds of miles away from home, the perfect stranger can change your entire summer for the better. It might work out even better if you want those romantic walks on the beach and those cheesy couple photos without having to commit to anyone. After all, summer flings are about having fun, trying out new things, and most importantly, enjoying someone's company without any of the attachments of a long-term relationship.


Having the perfect summer fling that's both sweet and sexy might be on your bucket list, but to make it happen, you're going to need a few pointers, and we're here to deliver. From how to find someone who's down for a fling to the activities you can do together — and finally, how to say goodbye without catching feelings — here's what you need to know about having the summer fling of your dreams.

Find a fling partner

There are no one-person summer flings, so your first step to making it happen should be to find a suitable partner. When you're considering your options, there are a couple of important things to keep in mind.


Firstly, make sure your potential summer fling counterpart is not someone you already know. Avoid friends and friends of friends — and of course, your exes are out of bounds. It should be someone you'll likely never cross paths with again. This way, you can have all the fun in the world and be your true self without having to worry about running into them at a reunion, gathering, or just life in general. What makes summer flings so fun in the first place is that you won't be responsible for keeping up with your temporary partner in the future — so you're especially in luck if you're away for summer vacation, mingling with strangers that live hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Secondly, go for people who have already shown some kind of interest in you. A summer fling is short, so don't dawdle; winning someone over takes time, and before you know it, summer will be over. Be on the lookout for verbal or nonverbal signs of interest, and if it turns out they're into you and you're into them, you can let the summer fun begin.


Communicate your intentions

If you don't want to go on a heartbreaking spree this summer — and not in a fun way — be upfront about your intentions. Tell your potential partner that you just want to have fun this summer and that your relationship with them is simply a summer fling. If they back away, respect that; not everyone wants a temporary relationship. But if they are up for a summer of excitement with you knowing that it will soon come to an end, you can relax and have fun without the guilt of breaking anyone's heart.


In addition to communicating your intentions, communicate what your idea of fun is to them. If they want to spend their summer going on hikes and relaxing at the beach, and your ideal summer consists of going to every concert and party you can find, the two of you won't be having a lot of fun together. Having conversations to discuss common likes and expectations will save a great deal of frustration and disappointment on both sides, no matter how short your time is together.

Make it sweet and sexy

You've found a person who's on the same page about wanting a summer fling with you — now what? You can start by trying out new and exciting summer things like snorkeling, hiking, concerts, parties, amusement parks, and whatever other activities scream "sexy summer" for you. Everything is double the fun when it comes to summer flings — except for STDs, so make sure you're taking necessary precautions to protect yourself if those kinds of activities are on your mutual to-do list.


Don't be shy about introducing your summer fling to your friend circle or hanging out as a group. Remember that they can be your stand-in partner for events and activities, so if you want to book that couples' dancing lesson or that couples' cruise, go for it. Take plenty of photos to reminisce about the sweet memories you'll be making and the sexy summer vibes you'll have — especially if you also decide to ramp up your look by wearing cute outfits, painting your nails, or buying yourself a perfect pair of shades in the name of summer fun.

Have an exit strategy

Like all good things, summer comes to an end, and so should your fling. If you laid out your intentions from the start, saying goodbye and leaving should be an easy, guilt-free task. You can simply pack your bags and leave, smiling with the memories of a good summer.


But if you didn't have this conversation and have no idea how to "break up" the summer fling — or it's harder than you'd thought it'd be to justify why you can't stay in touch — have some backup reasons ready to go before your "breakup day" arrives. Cite a job in a different state, or simply say that you don't see a future for your relationship. Whatever you decide to do, always try to end your summer fling on a good note so it remains a happy memory for both of you. Try to deliver the news in person instead of via text message, and be considerate of their feelings, even if you'll never see each other again.

Try not to fall in love

As much as you might have wanted just a summer fling, it's still entirely possible that you could catch feelings. Spending a lot of time with someone and having fun without any commitments are some of the right ingredients for falling in love. But be wary — if you fall in love and your partner doesn't, you might be heartbroken when the leaves begin to turn yellow.


It can be hard not to fall in love, especially if you're one to catch feelings super fast. But you can always try to stave off this complication. Try not to engage in deeply emotional conversations, and remind yourself — as you hopefully communicated to the other person before you began your fling — that you're in temporary summer bliss. Keep your conversations light and simple; you don't have to reveal your entire histories to each other to have a sweet summer.

If you do fall in love, break it to your partner at the end of your fling. If they reciprocate your feelings, you can suggest trying out a more serious relationship. Accept their answer with grace if they don't feel the same way — after all, it's a summer fling. Even if the ending is bittersweet, remember the good times, let go of your attachments, and leave with a clean slate.