Glamping Is Summer 2023's Most Luxurious Wellness Trend

Have you ever wanted to experience nature up close and personal but the thought of sleeping in a sleeping bag, the insects, the wildlife, and the unaccommodating bathroom facilities scared you to opt out of camping? Well, glamping provides a solution for these nature-inspired problems while offering much more. Glamping is glamorous camping, and it allows you to bring with you — or, rather, arrive at — the luxuries of a hotel within a camping environment. It's the perfect solution for those of us who don't want to rough it out just for the sake of being with nature and experiencing the great outdoors.

Instead of dealing with the stresses of camping outdoors, such as pitching a tent and having to bring and cook your own food, glamping creates an atmosphere of enjoyment and relaxation. With glamping, not only will you get to admire what nature has to offer, but you will also have the opportunity to heal your body and mind, making it this summer's luxurious wellness trend.

The perks of glamping

Glamping does more than remove the unpleasantries that come with not-so-glamorous camping. And, in place of these difficulties, it introduces many perks that make the trend irresistible. These perks include aesthetically-pleasing architectural designs that are a perfect blend of nature, comfort, and luxury. These designs range from safari tents to luxury houseboats. The safari tents, inspired by African camping tents, are not without luxuries, such as en-suite bathrooms, hardwood floors, and comfortable bedding.

Other types of glamping sites include treehouses, yurts, cabins, and echo domes that provide panoramic views of nature. The treehouses are constructed with glamorous interiors that include private decks and hot tubs with gorgeous views. When it comes to yurts in glamping, the round tent structure inspired by Central Asian camping is as big and spacious as it gets. These spaces are filled with the comforts and luxuries you would hope to enjoy from a 5-star hotel. Just check out some of the best retreats across America.

In addition to the comfortable and luxurious designs, glamping provides amenities including heated floors, wifi-connectivity, air conditioning, electricity, and private bathrooms and kitchens you won't find on a traditional camping site.

Something for everyone

Camping isn't for everyone, but glamping sure is. Glamping provides amenities that range from guided hikes to spa treatments out in the wild, so you're bound to find something that suits you. This is also what makes glamping a unique idea for a bachelorette party or a joint bachelor-and-bachelorette party for the entire wedding crew.

Whether you want to immerse yourself in nature by hiking, kayaking, fishing, bird watching, or going on a safari, your glamping site will provide you with the necessary equipment and facilities. However, if you simply want to sit on the sidelines and enjoy nature, glamping still has you covered. In addition to full-on nature-immersed experiences such as forest bathing, glamping provides what a luxury hotel would: yoga classes, spa facilities, hot tubs, restaurants, cafes, and bars. Special accommodations for kids are available as well, namely baby pools and childcare facilities. So, not only will you have a good time, but your kids will, too.

So, whether you're planning to relax and enjoy the calmness of nature with a massage and a trip to the hot tub or sweat it out in the wild with a hike and a paddling session, glamping can offer it all.

Glamping as a wellness trend

Glamping has become more than just a fun getaway idea; it's become a method of wellness that provides you the opportunity to completely relax and enjoy nature without having to worry about the troubles that come with camping, such as setting up camp and being alert about every bug in your vicinity. You can simply book yourself a room — or rather a tent — pack a bag, and get away from your stressful everyday life with glamping, unlike the preparation that traditional camping requires.

Furthermore, being outdoors and in the wild without any of the planning stress helps reduce anxiety and replaces this anxiety with happy thoughts. The fresh air, calmness of your surroundings, and relaxing sounds of wildlife and nature act as instant mood enhancers to help uplift your spirits and well-being. Plus, the outdoor activities you'll engage in will help boost not only your physical fitness but also your mental wellness.

Glamping also doesn't require you to forgo your diet for the sake of survival; this comes with the territory of camping. In place, glamping will have you tasting the likes of nature with gourmet meals that include healthy, nature-inspired dishes that will complement the natural atmosphere.

Why it's a trend in 2023

As much as people want to tap into their wilderness personality, the prepping, planning, and stressful nature of camping makes it difficult. Additionally, not everyone wants to spend their vacation rubbing mosquito repellent every 5 minutes. Glamping offers all the right things about camping without the hassle. It's simply more accessible and versatile — and is not just for summer.

In terms of accessibility, glamping sites seem to be everywhere. If you want to camp in the middle of the forest, you're sure to find a beautiful, scenic, luxurious glamping site. If it's the mountains you're after — or the beaches or the lakeside — there's bound to be a glamping site that fulfills your requirements. The versatility of glamping is another reason why it's so on trend. It can be turned into any event with any group of people and has the potential to become a romantic getaway, a family trip, or a vacation with friends. Even though summer is the time to be out and about, glamping can be done during any season of the year. It all depends on the kind of activities you want to do.

Glamping truly is the luxurious wellness trend that's taking off, providing the perfect balance between luxury and wilderness while offering a great deal of wellness benefits.