TikTok's 'Filet-O-Fish' Theory Might Be The Key To Finding A Gem On Dating Apps

When you hear the name "Filet-O-Fish," love is probably the last thing that comes to mind. The McDonald's fish sandwich is a common — although often overlooked — staple on the fast food chain's menu, and according to TikTok, it could be the secret to finding love on dating apps.

Content creator Sam Doll, who's known for making videos about romance, revealed in a viral clip that she met her husband on the dating app Hinge, and she believes her success boiled down to a technique she calls the "Filet-O-Fish theory." The TikToker explains that people tend to look for partners who fit their preferred "type" when swiping on dating apps, which can lead them to overlook red flags. Similarly, people tend to order the same menu item each time they go to McDonald's, and as Sam Doll points out, it's probably not a Filet-O-Fish.

So how does this all help you meet "the one" online? As the video creator urges, "Basically, I implore you to order a Filet-O-Fish on Hinge. That is, I implore you to swipe on someone that you like for completely different reasons than they are your type." Here's why always dating your type may be sabotaging your chances of finding love and why the TikTok theory is worth a try.

Is your romantic type really that bad?

Most people choose dates that fit a specific type, according to a 2019 study published in the journal Psychological and Cognitive Sciences. Or, according to Sam Doll's theory via her TikTok video, most people tend to gravitate toward the metaphorical Big Mac, and not the Filet-O-Fish, every time they search for a partner.

Just like when you order at a restaurant, it can be tempting to choose what's familiar when looking for love, but sticking to the same type of person time and time again could backfire. For one, if you repeatedly date romantic partners who are similar to your exes, there's a good chance you'll experience the same relationship problems each time. And if you aren't attracted to people who remind you of an ex, your type may be determined by your upbringing instead. According to science, you might be attracted to partners similar to your parents, and not always for healthy reasons. For example, you may subconsciously choose emotionally unavailable partners if you had a distant or absent parent.

Even if your type is based on superficial traits, like height or hair color, it likely won't help you find a real, long-lasting connection either, as matchmaker and relationship expert Sandra Myers told Elite Daily. "Physical attributes can change over time, but who someone is at their core will remain," Myers noted.

The benefits of dating a Filet-O-Fish partner

The biggest benefit of skipping your usual menu item, err, romantic type, is that you might find your future spouse, according to Sam Doll via TikTok. But the advantages of dating outside your type don't end there. For one, you might start to appreciate people you wouldn't typically let into your orbit. "Dating outside of your type can help you develop empathy and respect for people you wouldn't normally get to know," Jonathan Bennett, an expert at Double Trust Dating, revealed to Bustle. "It can open your mind and shatter misconceptions." Even if you thought you didn't like Filet-O-Fish types, you might discover a hidden charm they possess or a relationship need they fulfill.

More importantly, you may uncover strengths within yourself when you date someone who's nothing like your exes. In a video for Insider, relationship expert Andrea Syrtash argues that when you always date extroverts, for example, you may take on a more introverted role to let them be in the spotlight. In doing so, you mute certain traits to complement your significant other, suppressing your own growth and personality.

Remember, dating a different type doesn't have to mean going for the polar opposite of your past partners. If you're not sold on the Filet-O-Fish theory, consider other options you may usually overlook — like, say, an Egg McMuffin boyfriend or McChicken girlfriend. The point is to try something new, especially if your usual type has failed you in the past.