Can You Use Castor Oil For Eyelash Growth (& Is It Safe)? What You Should Know

There is something so enchanting about having long eyelashes. Since the old Hollywood era, we have seen beautiful starlets who accentuated the look of their lashes for a doll-like appeal. According to Kinks Salon, long eyelashes capture the whites of your eyes and emphasize your regular everyday expressions. Over the years, we've been grasping to achieve the same effect through mascara, false eyelashes, serums, and more.


If you've got sparse, short lashes, then you've probably tried it all at some point. One thing that always seems to pop up in the quest for better, faster-growing eyelashes is castor oil since it's believed to stimulate hair growth. However, that may not be the case after all. According to Healthline, there is no science-based evidence to actually back up this claim despite it being a popular belief. But rest assured, that doesn't mean you should completely rule out the product just yet.

The benefits of using castor oil on eyelashes

There are so many benefits you can get from adding castor oil to your eyelashes, even if it doesn't directly make them grow. "Castor oil has high levels of terpenoids and a tocopherol-related compound, glycerol which combine with fatty acids for healing and health of skin and will also help with the health of existing lashes," explains Raymond Douglas, MD, Ph.D., a board-certified aesthetic and reconstructive oculoplastic surgeon while talking to Byrdie. So, in other words, while you might not see a big change in length, you should notice better-moisturized and stronger lashes.


When using castor oil it's best to do a patch test. According to Typology, castor oil has caused some people to suffer allergic reactions. While the oil is safe for most people, it contains ricinoleic acid, causing inflammation and rashes, which would feel very uncomfortable on and around the eyes. The American Academy of Dermatology explains that the easiest way to do a patch test is to apply the oil on the underside of the arm for 10 days. If there is no reaction, you can continue using the oil as usual.

How to properly care for your eyelashes

Regardless of the length, healthy eyelashes are beautiful. Make sure when you are removing makeup, you get rid of any mascara before you go to bed. Alley Oop explains that heavy amounts of mascara can damage the hair follicles, as well as affect the overall health of the eyelashes. Alexie dives deeper and explains that waterproof mascara can be especially drying and thus cause breakage. To remove your mascara properly, apply makeup remover and let it sit for a couple minutes (keep your eyes close, of course). Remove it with a cotton pad and then wash your face as usual.


Once your face is clean, consider adding an eyelash serum to your routine. "Eyelash growth serums work to hydrate and condition your lash hair as well as stimulate the lash hair follicle to grow by keeping the follicle in the anagen (i.e. growth) phase," board-certified dermatologist Dr. Fatima Fahs explained to Forbes. Apply the lash serum every day and within a few weeks, you should start to notice a difference.