Bucket List Tips For The Best Single Girl Summer

Being a single girl has plenty of perks, and summer is one of the best times of the year to enjoy that single lifestyle. Spending time outside, going to parties, and organizing fun vacations are all classic summertime activities that a single girl can look forward to. If you want to make the most of your single girl summer, you can set your priorities with a summer bucket list.


A summer bucket list is a list of all the things you absolutely want to do this summer. That might include visiting a certain beach, seeing an old friend, or picking up a new hobby. Summer goes by fast, so to make the best single girl summer bucket list, you'll need to narrow down your options to the activities that will be the most special and fulfilling this summer.

This may require eliminating any superficial activities or plans that might fit the image of a fun summer but don't necessarily contribute to your personal vision for the perfect single girl summer. Need some help in the planning department? Here are some ideas to consider when crafting an authentic summer bucket list.

Reflect on your summer goals

Before you begin your summer bucket list, take some time to reflect on what your goals are for the summer. Brainstorm your goals in a journal or make a summer vision board. As you embark on your summer as a single person, are you interested in meeting other cool single people, or is your summer more about getting better acquainted with yourself?


Perhaps you want to engage in a "last summer" mindset and have an adventure every day. Identifying that central priority for your summer will help your bucket list start to take shape. Aside from broad priorities like friendship, you should also think about any particular skills or experiences you want to gain. For some people, summer is the perfect chance to spend time outside and engage their bodies in new sports or physical activities.

On the other hand, you might want to use summer as an opportunity to enrich your spiritual and intellectual life by traveling to unique places or reading challenging books. No matter how you want to use your time this summer, having a few goals outlined will give you a convenient guide to refer to when deciding what to put on the final version of your summer bucket list.


Try something new

When planning your single girl bucket list, reflect on the experiences you've had in your life and consider the adventures you have yet to go on. Trying something new can give you a fresh perspective and help you break out of any ruts you might be in. Doing something you've never done before is also an excellent way to discover a new favorite hobby.


There are many directions you can go in when thinking of something new to try out. You could plan a trip somewhere you've never been, such as a weekend trip to a nearby city. Another option is to do an activity that's always interested you but you've never had the time to try, such as taking a pottery class or attending a music festival. You can include low-key new things on your bucket list as well, like trying new foods or making an experimental change to your morning routine.

And if there's nothing in particular you want to try, perhaps you can mix things up in how you approach your summer plans in general. If you're usually the planner, try letting one of your friends take the lead one night. Or, if you always hang out in large groups, see what it's like to have a one-on-one friendship date. Whether you're interested in big or small changes, incorporating something new into your summer bucket list is a guaranteed way to make your single girl summer more memorable.


Think of things that scare you

Another clever way to spice up your single girl summer is to put things on your bucket list that scare you. Confronting your fears or insecurities can be nerve-wracking, but it can also open you up to new possibilities and boost your confidence.


On a basic level, you can think of simple fears you want to tackle, like a fear of heights or roller coasters. Go on a cute adventure with a supportive group of friends to see what it's like when you tackle your fears. However, you can also think of your fears on a deeper level when crafting your summer bucket list.

Consider any insecurities or challenges that might come up in the summer, like wearing a swimsuit in public or setting boundaries with parents on a family vacation. If you know there's something difficult lurking around the corner for you this summer, try facing it head-on and making it a special summer goal to handle it with self-compassion and mindfulness.

Consider going out alone

This summer, try setting an intention to do something alone. Single girls hear this advice often, but going out alone is a highly valuable experience if you want to gain more independence and self-confidence. We spend so much energy trying to please other people and find social acceptance, but really, the benefits of solo dates trump waiting for the one.


Your solo single girl bucket list item could be as simple as bringing a book to a coffee shop and sitting alone to read. You could also aim for something bigger, such as dinner at a restaurant or a day trip to a local attraction. Your chosen alone time activity should be something that genuinely appeals to you — otherwise, you won't enjoy yourself, and you'll only be doing it out of obligation to finish your bucket list.

Focus on something that you could actually imagine doing alone. If you're more social, you might want to choose something where you can independently meet new people, such as attending a special event at a bar. Single gals trying to incorporate a little more confidence into their every day lives might prefer a goal of running errands alone or going for a long walk.


Activate your summer nostalgia

If you want to add some fun to your summer bucket list, consider including a nostalgic activity. Think of what you liked doing during the summer as a kid and see if you can recreate it as an adult. By engaging in a little nostalgia, you might be able to view the summertime with some renewed childlike wonderment.


Nostalgic summer activities are extra special when you share them with your friends or loved ones. Not only do you have a fun time, but you get to express a side of yourself that your friends might not see very often. Showing off your playful side can help you and your friends be more vulnerable with each other and open up new forms of communication and bonding.

Potential ideas for summertime nostalgia could include making lemonade, chasing down the ice cream truck, or bicycling around the neighborhood. Whatever summer memory fills you with the most joy and sense of summer vacation magic, be sure to place it high up on your summer bucket list.

Plan your time wisely

As you put together your single girl summer bucket list, remember to plan your time wisely. Summertime is fleeting, and you want to fit in the things that matter to you most. Factor in how much free time you'll actually have during the summer, and design your list accordingly. For example, if you work 40-hour weeks, you'll need to come up with bucket list ideas that you can do during the evenings and weekends.


The same concept goes for rationing out vacation days and long weekends — don't put a half dozen trip ideas on your summer bucket list if you already know you won't have all the time for them. Likewise, if your schedule is on an academic calendar, be careful not to overstuff your bucket list so you can allow time to rest before the fall semester begins. A summer bucket list can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be.

If you want a bucket list to truly have an impact on the quality of your single girl summer, all you need to do is be intentional and discerning about how you want to spend your time and the priorities you set for the season. Summer is an incredibly special moment in the year, and with some careful thought, you can make a bucket list that leads you to have the single girl summer of your dreams.