Foundation Matching Is All About The Neck, According To A New TikTok Hack

When choosing a foundation, one of the first things we think about is matching our skin tone. Sure, we're concerned with the different formulas and mediums, but if the color is off, we'll end up looking like a disjointed head. These days, many brands have a wide range of tones to choose from so there is a shade for everyone. However, it's finding the perfect one that can take a bit of work.


A good foundation should blend seamlessly onto your skin, without any caking or demarcation around your neck. However, what happens if your face shade is different from that of the rest of your body? It's quite possible if you forget to apply sunscreen to your body or wear a hat to shade your face from the sun. In this case, you wouldn't want to match your foundation shade to your face but rather choose one that's closest to your neck.

Swatch your foundation sample on your neck and chest instead of your face

No one's face and body skin tone match completely. In fact, even our faces have different shades, and you may need two foundations for a balanced look. This becomes especially apparent when seasons change and you're darker or lighter than usual. Well, TikTok user Nikkia Joy has the perfect solution for finding your perfect foundation color. Instead of swatching foundations on the back of your hand or face, match the color of your neck and chest.


You'll know you have the right shade when the color blends on your neck and you can't see any lines. If it's a few shades darker than your face, don't worry — once the foundation is blended, you won't be able to see the difference, and your face and neck should match perfectly. After you've tested the foundation color and think you've found the right match, wait a few minutes to see if the shade oxidizes and turns a deeper color. If so, you'll have to go a step lighter. Additionally, you'll want to look at your face in different lighting, as you may not get a good read if you're in a department store.

Use natural lighting to check your foundation match

If you're trying out foundation colors, chances are you're indoors with fluorescent lightning, which we all know is the least flattering. It also doesn't give you the best indication of how your foundation truly looks. Your shade may look like a perfect match inside, but once you step outside, it'll look completely different. The best way to check your color is to look at yourself in natural lighting during the daytime. Ditch your camera phone and check yourself in a large mirror, facing the sun so that there are no shadows. Your face and chest should match perfectly, and your foundation should have the most natural finish.


Can't step outside, or the weather isn't cooperating? Find a mirror with LED lighting. Those are much better than fluorescent lights and can give you a pretty good idea of whether you've picked the right foundation shade. Most makeup counters have them these days. When you're checking yourself in the mirror, move your head around so that you can see yourself from all angles. When in doubt, you can always buy two foundation shades so that you can lighten or darken as needed. It may cost you more, but you'll always have the tools to get your perfect foundation match.