Stacked Nostril Piercing Gives Double The Sparkle & Edge

Nose piercings are excellent ways to help people express themselves while adding sparkle to their everyday appearances. This body modification can add an edge to your look while helping you feel more confident and stand out. There are different nose piercings, but the nostril area is typically the go-to for many people. "Most nose piercings are through the nasal ala, or the cartilaginous structure that covers the nostril," Brendan Camp, MD, a double board-certified dermatologist, told Byrdie. Nostril piercings can be flattering on all faces, so we understand why they're such a beloved piercing choice.

If you have a nostril piercing already and want a new nose piercing but aren't sure what to get, one piercing trend you may want to rock in 2023 is the stacked nostril piercing look. By choosing to get another or more than one other nostril piercing, you won't have to try a different type of piercing, but you'll add more sparkle to your nose.

Try two hoops for double the fun

Do you love your nostril hoop? Then add another. In fact, you even go for a larger hoop for the second hole. After all, two nostril hoops can be more fun than one. If you already like the hoop look, it may be a good idea to stick with what works by getting another piercing next to the original for a more stacked look.

Consider a coordinated hoop look

If you opt for the two hoops look, you can also coordinate the jewelry for a more cohesive appearance. In other words, two rings with the same thickness and hue, such as two slim hoops in silver or gold, can appear more harmonized than hoops that don't match in size or color.

Rock a hoop and stud together for a bold contrast

While a cohesive look is attractive, contrast is so much fun. If you enjoy showing off some contrast, consider adding a stud piercing on top of or next to your hoop piercing. The contrasting looks will complement each other for a unique and exciting look.

Go bold with three nostril piercings

Who says you have to stop at two nostril piercings? If you love your two hoops or studs, add a third for a daring, ultra-noticeable look! Of course, you should consider your nose size and shape before committing to three piercings in one nostril, as three might be overpowering on ultra-tiny noses, but if you love the look, go for it as long as a professional says it's safe.

Consider vertical or horizontal stacks

When planning your stacked nostril piercings, if you want studs, decide whether you want the stack to be vertical or horizontal. In other words, do you want the piercings to be right next to each other or one on top of another? Although the choice may come down to personal preference, consider the option that will best fit your face and nose shape. If you still can't decide, don't hesitate to ask for input from others.

Flaunt as many piercings as you can and want

Once the expert says it's safe, don't feel limited to only two or three nose piercings. If you want to get more, and not just in your nostril, rock as many piercings as you want. After all, piercings can be an excellent method of self-expression, so go as bold, edgy, and punk as you're comfortable with and be yourself.