Trooping The Colour: The Worst-Dressed Moments Of All Time

Trooping the Colour, the annual event held in honor of the British monarch's official birthday, has become a grand spectacle of military parades, flag ceremonies, and, of course, a showcase of extravagant royal fashion. While we often associate the royal family with impeccable style and refined elegance, even the most fashion-forward among them occasionally has a bad day — and those less-than-flattering moments happen to occur at Trooping the Colour on occasion.

Over the years, Trooping the Colour fashion choices have either elicited awe and admiration or left us wondering what the royal was thinking. As the cameras flash and the crowds gasp in anticipation, the pressure to look flawless is undoubtedly immense, but some royals have unfortunately failed to deliver what was expected of them by spectators worldwide. After all, even though the royals have stylists and fashion advisors at their disposal, the stars sometimes align in the most unexpected ways, and a questionable outfit steals the spotlight. It's in these moments of fashion vulnerability we realize that even the royal family isn't immune to regrettable outfits.

Kate Middleton's 2018 dress left her washed out

The Princess of Wales is usually a fashion icon, but even the best have their off days. In 2018, she sported a pale, baby blue ensemble at Trooping the Colour that left us surprised. While the dress and hat weren't a horrible choice, the color that washed the Princess of Wales completely out made us question her fashionista status — and not even her stunning makeup helped bring some color back into her face.

Princess Beatrice's 2017 hat barely made it through the ceremony

Princess Beatrice's hat in 2017 definitely stole the show — and not for a good reason. It seemed like that poor thing was on the verge of staging a dramatic escape throughout the ceremony. Considering that the royals have all the resources to create perfectly fitted ensembles, seeing an ill-fitting hat at the ceremony is rather surprising.

Princess Diana's 1981 outfit looked like wrapping paper

Talk about major '80s vibes! While Princess Diana will forever be the most fashionable royal, let's be real: This pattern, the ruching on the collar, and the hat had a whole lot going on. It was like a fashion fiesta that couldn't decide which theme to settle on. It was definitely a case of accessorizing gone wild. But, hey, it was the '80s, a decade known for its fearless fashion experimentation, and Diana definitely took risks and made her mark, always pushing the boundaries of style.

Queen Elizabeth's lavender hues clashed in 2010

Queen Elizabeth's lavender clash at the 2010 ceremony is another memorable fashion faux pas. In this particular instance, her outfit suffered from a case of color confusion. Lavender hues took center stage, but they, unfortunately, didn't quite harmonize. The queen's clothing leaned toward cool tones, while her hat took on a slightly warmer shade, resulting in a mismatched ensemble. Regardless, the queen's impact on fashion remains undeniable.

Queen Camilla's 2007 hat was an obvious bad choice

Queen Camilla's 2007 choice of hat left a lot of us flabbergasted. The beige ensemble had the potential to exude elegance but then came the hat — a feathery, fluffy catastrophe. Honestly, it seemed as if a flock of birds had taken up residence on Camilla's head, and they were in no hurry to leave. The hat's flamboyance distracted from the otherwise sophisticated ensemble, leaving us yearning for a more refined and simple choice.

Princess Eugenie really struggled with color coordination in 2016

Princess Eugenie's look was a mismatched masterpiece, but let's not forget the pièce de résistance: the hat. Oh, those decorative feathers resembling a succulent! Princess Eugenie definitely took a bold fashion leap, but sometimes landing in the realm of eccentricity can backfire.

Meghan Markle's 2019 look was bland and boring

Meghan Markle's 2019 look left us feeling disappointed, to say the least. Meghan is known for her sleek and classic style, but when it came to Trooping the Colour, we expected a bit more royal razzle-dazzle. Instead, her navy look fell into the realm of bland and boring. While there's nothing inherently wrong with a classic color like navy, it lacked the wow factor we've come to anticipate from the royal fashion parade.

Queen Elizabeth's 2016 color choice was way too neon

Stepping into the spotlight in 2016, Queen Elizabeth decided to rock a vibrant neon green ensemble that could be spotted from space. It was a brave fashion statement that made heads turn, but as they say, fashion is subjective. The neon green hue was so bright that it could rival a highlighter pen, and it felt a tad overwhelming for a royal affair. Neon may have its place in fashion, but perhaps it's best left to the dance floor.

Princess Beatrice's 2007 hat was not everyone's cuppa

Princess Beatrice's 2007 hat was certainly a head-turner, but that doesn't mean everybody liked it. The ivory ensemble she wore was elegant, but the hat's feathers swooped from the right side of her head to the left, creating an asymmetrical display that overwhelmed the entire look. The feathery extravaganza may have been intended to add a touch of whimsy, but it was ultimately distracting.

Kate Middleton's 2015 hat resembled a picnic plate

Kate Middleton's 2015 hat was indeed a sight to behold. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn't help but think of a white, plastic picnic plate every time we looked at the Princess of Wales' hat. It was a case of unfortunate hat-meets-picnic aesthetics that we simply couldn't unsee.

Queen Camilla's 2009's hat gave us the fluff we didn't ask for

It seems that when it comes to Trooping the Colour, Queen Camilla has a knack for opting for incredibly fluffy hats. This isn't the first time we've witnessed her feathery ensembles, but we have to hand it to her — she's staying true to her own style, even if most of us wouldn't necessarily approve of this level of feathery fluffiness. Feathers can be fun, but sometimes less is more.

Princess Beatrice's 2019 dress didn't look royal at all

Princess Beatrice's 2019 dress certainly missed the mark when it came to regality. The pale blush dress she chose left us feeling underwhelmed as if we had stumbled upon it during a casual shopping trip at the mall rather than witnessing a meticulously planned outfit for a grand royal event. While there's nothing inherently wrong with a mall-worthy dress, Trooping the Colour calls for something extra special, as we all expect to see the royal family in awe-inspiring ensembles that capture the essence of elegance and grandeur.

Princess Eugenie's 2006 headpiece was a statement that backfired

In theory, the idea of a pink headpiece to add drama to an outfit sounds wonderful, but in practice, Princess Eugenie's fell short. The main issue was the clash of two distinct pink tones. On one hand, there was a warm, muted blush pink, and on the other, a classic, cool-toned baby pink. The combination was like mixing oil and water; it just didn't blend.

Princess Beatrice's 2016 headpiece was a sunny surprise

Princess Beatrice's headpiece at the 2016 Trooping the Colour was a shocker. The bright orange piece had a modern and futuristic shape that was hard to ignore. It was a bold choice, no doubt, but sometimes even those choices can fall flat. The futuristic shape clashed with the traditional elegance we expect from a royal event, and while we appreciate Princess Beatrice's willingness to push boundaries, this particular headpiece wasn't the right choice.

Queen Elizabeth's 1999 mismatched yellows

Queen Elizabeth's 1999 mismatched yellows also deserve a spot on the list. The yellow of her hat had a distinct mustard tone, while her clothes leaned towards a classic pastel yellow. While some may argue that the contrasting yellows added a touch of intrigue, we can't help but wish for a more cohesive and harmonious choice. Trooping the Colour is a moment for the royal family to showcase their timeless elegance, after all.