Cord Necklaces Can Bring Nostalgia To Your Summer Jewelry

Remember the good old days of saving money from your after-school job to buy matching cord necklaces with your besties? Ah, good times. Luckily, those nostalgic necklaces are experiencing a second wave in popularity, so you and your friends can get to rock the look again — but as grown-ups this time. "The cord necklace is lightweight, youthful, and playful. Also, cords never get tangled, which is a major plus," Bea Bongiasca, a jewelry designer, told The Zoe Report. Yes, there are methods that make untangling necklaces easier, but it's helpful to have an option that prevents you from worrying about tangles from the start, so we're happy to provide more cord necklace options.

We still love rocking a classic gold chain necklace for timeless, elegant ensembles, but it's refreshing to see the more free-spirited cord look. In fact, these necklaces can be a great addition to any playful summer outfit.

You can't go wrong with a black cord

If you're easing into wearing cord necklaces, you can't go wrong with a classic black cord. A black cord necklace is timeless and can be edgy or elegant, depending on what you wear with it. Black options are arguably the most versatile, so everyone should have at least one in their roster to dress up or down and add a retro touch of '90s edge to their favorite looks. 

A double-cord look is twice the fun

Why not wear two cord necklaces for double the trendiness in one outfit? For this, you layer one shorter cord and one longer cord for a bolder cool girl look. The two-cord effect can bring the most minimalistic outfits to life or add even more flair to maximalist ensembles. After all, your cord necklaces will always be more noticeable when you wear two instead of one. We won't even try to deny our middle-school love of layering necklaces, so we see no shame in embracing the look's return.

Choker effects are eye-catching

Chokers go in and out of style but are always attractive. We're choker supporters whether they're technically in or out! Cord necklaces with shorter lengths can be extremely sexy and flattering, adding a flirty edge to every outfit. A ribbon-effect choker, for example, is a different spin on the style and is convenient for playful, nostalgic looks.

Go longer for more drama

Are you looking for a more dramatic look? While we love chokers, longer cord lengths are equally stylish and typically appear bolder and more noticeable with a free-spirited, mermaid-like nautical flare. If you want to make a daring statement, wear an ultra-long chord with a large statement pendant, such as an oversized heart or butterfly design.

Try a colorful cord

When you want to lean into the youthful aspect that most cord necklaces provide, wear a colorful cord for a bold '80s influence rather than a classic neutral option. For instance, blue, pink, green, or purple leather cords can appear bright, bold, and playful, adding a more fun vibe to your ensemble than most neutral pieces would provide.

Mix and match cords and chains

Anyone who enjoys mixing and matching in fashion and accessories shouldn't be afraid to mix and match necklaces. Whether it's a black or colorful cord necklace layered with a short or long gold or silver chain necklace, it will provide exciting contrast for a free-spirited, unique effect, adding some more oceangoing mismatched flair to your ensemble.