'Brushed Lip' Technique Makes Wearing Moody Lipsticks Way Less Intimidating

When it comes to lipsticks, there are so many ways to change your look. You can apply it directly from the tube, use a lip pencil for added dimension, and even use two at a time for a brand-new look. There is so much versatility, making it a staple in our makeup bag. Now and then, we tend to stumble upon a color that is stunning but might feel a little much. Luckily, makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes shares how she makes that beautiful color less intimidating on her Instagram.


To diffuse the look, there is a new trend on the rise using the brushed lip technique. It takes the moody lipsticks that can feel a little overpowering and make them look diffused and lived in without the messiness that comes with wearing lipsticks for a long time. With a few simple steps, anyone can try this look for an effortless yet intriguing color.

How to go about the brushed lip technique

To do this look, all you need is an eyeshadow brush and the lipstick of your choice. First, apply the color by blotting it all over your lips (or all over your eyeshadow brush directly). It can look splotchy at first, but don't worry. Once some color is added to your lips, take a clean eyeshadow brush and blend it toward the ends of your lips. This is a great way to take the intensity away from even the brightest lipstick color, making it perfect for everyday wear.


When doing this technique, it's best to use a bullet lipstick that is either matte or satin because the goal of the look is to move the color around and create a diffused look. If you opt for a stain or liquid lipstick, it would dry down faster, creating an uneven look. On that note, using a lacquer can leave a messy look and won't diffuse the color that well.

The lip care to keep in mind

Regardless of the lip trend, it's best to brush up on your lip care for the most luscious-looking lips possible. Therefore, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, it's crucial to exfoliate your lips regularly. This can easily be done using a lip scrub or a wet toothbrush and lightly rubbing away the dead skin cells to create a smooth base.


The most common lip care mistake that can age you is not applying SPF to your lips. After all, your lips are still susceptible to damage from radiation and UVB rays, via the experts at Colgate. This could lead to suffering from sunburn and, in some cases, skin cancer. Therefore, to protect them from harmful sun rays, use an SPF 15 lip balm or higher for long-term cases. On that note, don't forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours, just as you would with sunscreen for your body.