'Rainbow Walks': The Hot Girl Walk Alternative Keeping Your Workout Routine Joyful

Walking was arguably the most overlooked and underrated workout for the longest time. Then finally in the 2020s, people — especially women — started to recognize and appreciate the benefits of walking, thanks to the trending hot girl walk


"Not many people recognize walking as a real workout. Perhaps it's too easy, too common, too enjoyable, or too relaxing to be considered a serious form of exercise," physician Michael Lam, MD, MPH, ABAAM, told Real Simple. "[But] in fact, the best thing about this delightful activity is that it's one of the easiest exercises you can do on a consistent basis." You heard the doctor — hot girl walks count as workouts, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

People are now finding ways to make their walks more exciting and fun. For instance, "weird walks" are a quirky way to explore your neighborhood. In addition to the weird walk, we have the rainbow walk, which is essentially a scavenger hunt for colors. These are perfect for creative, curious people who appreciate identifying different hues. 


Rainbow walks add color to your exercise

Like many other fitness and wellness-related trends, we discovered rainbow walks on TikTok. But before you write the idea off as yet another random Gen Z craze, know that the concept provides all the health and fitness benefits of walking and is still enjoyable for people of all ages. For instance, TikTok user @aymunmcleod55 posted a video of a rainbow walk with their partner and cat, explaining that the idea is to continue walking until you find something in every hue of the rainbow. The couple completed their adorable mission, and many viewers loved the idea. Viewers wrote comments such as "This is the wholesome content I needed today" and "What an amazing grounding exercise."


The TikTok account @couplagoofs also posted a video of their fun rainbow walk experience, collecting colorful objects, such as flower petals, in a container. 

You can still enjoy a rainbow walk if you don't feel comfortable picking up your findings due to germs or other reasons. If you don't want to collect what you find, you can take pictures instead, without even touching what you discover. The important thing is that rainbow walks keep your body and mind active!

Tips and ideas for rainbow walks

When going on a rainbow walk, have an open mind, as anything you find can count. It might be a red flower petal, a green leaf, or a blue candy wrapper. But after completing a few rainbow walks, you might eventually want to make it more of a challenge, only counting specific findings, such as flower-related pieces. And, of course, always remember to be safe; never get so consumed by trying to find every color that you don't pay attention to cars or let your phone die.


Moreover, TikTok user @abigailymas posted a video explaining that rainbow walks are excellent for kids, so anyone with children or young relatives who is looking for a free, engaging activity for the little ones should take note. The rainbow walk is also a great date idea! On the next warm, sunny day when you and your partner or crush want to go on an outdoorsy date that won't break the bank, suggest a rainbow walk. You'll bond while going on a colorful scavenger hunt and get a free workout as you go. If you plan to collect your findings rather than only take pictures, just remember to bring something to hold them in so you don't have to worry about losing them.