Dating App Green Flags That Can Set You Up For A Successful Romance

Dating apps are something many singles who are ready to mingle depend on once they're ready to totally put themselves out there. Dating in this modern era might not be the easiest thing to manage, but dating apps aim to help the process run a little smoother. If you've been having trouble meeting people authentically in the real world, you're not alone. Dating apps exist because there are millions of users around the world signing up and creating profiles every day, after all.


What matters the most is that you don't feel your time is wasted on the wrong people. When sifting through possible matches, reading different profiles, and engaging in conversations with folks who interest you, you're probably already keeping your eyes peeled for any terribly obvious red flags. By that same token, staying on the lookout for green flags is just as crucial. These are some of the positive green flags you'll hopefully notice next time you log into a dating app on the hunt for a successful relationship.

They're inquisitive about you

The number one green flag to check for is how inquisitive your dating app matches are. People who actually ask questions back and forth on dating apps allow the conversation to continue and flow. Imagine asking someone what their favorite hobbies are, and they reply with a simple message saying, "Fishing and hiking." Unless they add, "And what are your favorite hobbies?" on the tail-end, they're pretty much showing you how much they don't care to actually learn anything about you. 


If they send a simple message that plainly answers your question without spinning any questions back your way, they're keen to continue chatting about whatever they care about without attempting to dig into anything you're fascinated by as a sign of mutual interest and respect. Dealing with someone like this on a dating app is problematic because you'll end up carrying every conversation entirely yourself if you choose to keep things going. Those who are openly inquisitive by asking open-ended and thought-provoking questions are green flag matches.

Their photos show versatile hobbies

You've likely matched with a green flag individual on a dating app if their photos show loads of versatile hobbies. If the person you've matched with is standing shirtless in front of their bathroom mirror in every single shot, their hobbies remain a mystery to you. If every single picture they've posted showcases them partying hard in the club with their friends, you might quickly realize they are not the right person for you if your idea of a fun Friday night looks drastically different.


If all of their pictures show them doing wildly reckless things like speed racing and cliff jumping, you might reconsider engaging in any conversations with them unless you, too, enjoy those kinds of adventures. It becomes a completely different situation when the person you've matched with has one photo of them in the club, one photo of them cliff jumping, and several other photos showing off other hobbies they have, like painting, hitting the gym, or cooking. Even if you only resonate with one of the hobbies they've shared, there's more of an opportunity for you to see how well-rounded of a human being they are.

They make their intentions known early on

It's a huge green flag if you know exactly what your match is looking for from the beginning. In other words, be on the lookout regarding whether they make their intentions known early on. There's no reason for you to be guessing what your dating app matches are looking for when it takes about two minutes to send an honest message about personal intentions. There's a chance you're just looking for something casual and fun right now. Meeting people who are on the same page as you about hooking up on dating apps isn't difficult. 


There's also a chance you're hoping to meet your forever person who will eventually become your spouse. While you might be spooked by the idea of bringing up such a heavy topic too early on in a dating app, don't shy away from having those truthful chats. You'll be more grateful you didn't end up wasting time with someone who doesn't want the same things you're looking for.

They don't leave you guessing about essential knowledge

Realizing you aren't left guessing about essential pieces of knowledge is a green flag on dating apps. When it comes to the people you're matching with, basic information and details should be readily available for you to read up on so you aren't stuck speculating. People who leave blank bios are letting you know they can't be bothered, nor are they taking their search for love seriously. As cringe-worthy as it might feel to describe yourself in a blurb on your dating app profile, it's an important step in meeting the right person for you. 


If you took the time to fill out your profile with pieces of essential knowledge that will help potential matches reach their own personal conclusions about you, then you shouldn't expect anything less from whoever is on the other end. Dealing with people who've shared the most basic and essential pieces of knowledge on their dating profiles helps you save tons of time since you'll immediately be able to swipe left on individuals who've mentioned things you're not attracted to.

You have the same views about human rights and social issues

The importance of seeing eye to eye about social issues with your romantic partner is more important than ever in these modern times. If your match doesn't care about human rights and social issues that directly impact you, they're probably not the ideal person to involve yourself with. Some people refuse to acknowledge what's happening in our political climate because they're not directly impacted by anything based on their gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity. And the truth of the matter is, while possible, handling a relationship with someone who has different political views than you can be a challenge.


Matching with people who care about the well-being of others, even when it doesn't necessarily make a difference in their own life, is a huge green flag. People who care about human rights and social issues tend to be more empathetic, considerate, and unselfish. Don't get stuck in a situation where you're trying to convince someone you've started falling for that they should change their worldviews. It's not your job to educate people about certain issues when they don't already care about such things on their own.

They keep the conversation respectful without mentioning sex or hookups

People who immediately bring up sex and hooking up before you've even met in person (or before you are comfortable doing so) are problematic. This also applies to people who insist on NSFW picture exchanges way too early. Sure, the topic of sex is eventually going to come up if you and the person you're matching with are hitting it off. The timing of when these conversations happen is what makes the difference, though. Some people prefer going on in-person dates before their match starts bringing up edgier topics. 


Oftentimes, people who bring these things up super early are testing the waters. They're trying to see how much they can get away with and how easy it will be to get whatever they're after. No matter how attractive someone might be on a dating app, if you're uncomfortable with sexual messages early on, your best bet would be to immediately unmatch and block the person who starts questioning you about sex or asking for NSFW pictures before you've gotten to know each other.

Their career path or job title is clearly stated

Knowing what your potential future partner does for work is crucial as you figure out how compatible you are. That way, if you don't feel like it's a compatible match based on your chosen career paths, you can avoid wasting any time right off the bat. Keep in mind that there's nothing shallow in being picky about your future partner's career path or job title.


It doesn't make you materialistic or shallow to care about something like this. Many people believe those who have chosen to enter the dating arena should be able to stand on their own two feet financially. 

Never feel like you have to lower your standards or settle in a relationship with someone whose career goals don't align with yours. Their career path or job title should be clearly stated so you don't feel like you're forced to dig this information out of them.

They're generally high-vibrational

Some dating app users are jaded from bad experiences in the past. Bitterly heartbroken people typically struggle to hide it, sometimes taking out their frustrations on new people who don't deserve the wrath. Make sure the people you match with are generally high-vibrational because good vibes mean they haven't turned sour on their search for true love. It doesn't matter how often someone has been cheated on, dumped, or ghosted. 


When you meet someone new, the new person who comes along deserves a fresh slate that isn't riddled with pain from past trauma. When you interact with people who are still hurt from their failed dating experiences of the past, there's a potential that you'll become somewhat of an unpaid therapist trying to help them put back together all the pieces. You might also turn into an emotional punching bag as they take their disappointment on you whenever they can. Avoid this altogether by searching for green flag matches that are truly high-vibrational.

They don't use any red pill language

"Red pill" language is full of misogynist and sexist beliefs. The red pill community was founded on Reddit by a group of men with "the general belief that women have it better than men," according to Insider. The conversations on the platform are terrifying and signal a general disregard for women. 


As soon as one of your matches on a dating app starts spouting any form of red pill language your way, do yourself a favor and block them immediately. You'll only deal with problems if you involve yourself with someone with toxic beliefs in their wheelhouse. Some clear and immediate signs that someone you've matched with is a red pill thinker is if they mention anything about being an "alpha male" or heavily criticize the feminist movement.

People with red pill beliefs thrive on the concept of toxic masculinity. They believe that women are useless by the time they turn 30 if they've already been pregnant with a child or if they have more than one sexual partner in their history. If you're dating app connections are completely in the clear of these harmful views and language, odds are, you're dealing with green flag matches.


They have love for animals

Whether the person you've matched with is a pet owner or not, signs of their love for animals are huge green flags. Pet owners are usually quick to share pictures of themselves posing with their cats, dogs, guinea pigs, birds, and other animals at home. If you match with an equestrian, you might even see pictures of them hanging out with their horses.


People who don't own pets still upload pictures of themselves hanging out with animals occasionally because they understand the positive impact it will have on their dating success, likely giving them more matches on the app.

Seeing someone exhibit patience when dealing with animals in a gentle manner is beyond attractive. Pets can't communicate with humans using words, which means they're entirely dependent on us for survival. People willing to sacrifice their comfort, energy, and money to care for an animal are often very selfless. Selfless people make great partners.

Their pictures aren't heavily filtered or edited

Filters and edited images hide what people look like in real life. If you've been an avid social media user for the last decade, then you already know full well how detrimental filters and apps like Facetune and Photoshop can actually be. In fact, Tiktokers have started to fight back against face-altering filters because of it.


Too many people are uncomfortable snapping selfies of themselves without a photo filter slapped on top for their own peace of mind at this point. Sometimes, filters aren't the end of the world when all they do is whiten your teeth a little or smooth out some facial imperfections. 

It becomes a problem when the filter completely alters how you look, including the shape of your face, the size of your nose, the plumpness of your lips, and the wideness of your eyes. Although you might not be able to tell how filtered or edited someone's pictures are on a dating app, if there's any indication that the pictures have been doctored ahead of time, reconsider moving forward. Someone who uploads pictures of themselves without any filters or edits is showing you their green flags and confidence.


Their social media links are included

Social media is one of the best ways for people to stay connected in this day and age. If you're dating app matches have their Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok accounts linked to their profiles, it's a good thing! Social media links are a green flag because it likely means your matches aren't trying to hide anything, like secret relationships. Some people who claim not to have any social media accounts may be trying to hide evidence of long-term relationships they're actually involved in with partners who are in the dark about their online behaviors. 


It could also be easier for people to pull a "hit it and quit it" move with you if they're not connected to you on any other platforms aside from the dating app you met on. It's important to note that some people refuse to include their social media links for safety reasons because they don't want to be stalked or harassed by strangers. It's not always a red flag if the person you've matched with doesn't have their social media links added to their dating app profile. It usually is a green flag when they do, though.

They've mentioned self-growth or personal development on their profile

Anyone who grasps the importance of self-growth and personal development is fully aware they have room to improve without settling for mediocrity. When you match with someone who mentions these topics anywhere on their profile, you're certainly in for a treat. People who believe they know everything already aren't exactly the easiest to spend time with. Close-minded people and know-it-alls are usually content to stay exactly as they are until the end of time. They hate being corrected and often have a difficult time acknowledging when they're wrong about anything.


If you're on an individual journey of elevation, self-growth, and personal development, you deserve to date someone on that same path. If you choose to date someone who is stagnant in their ways, eventually, you will undoubtedly outgrow them. The only way to ensure a long-lasting relationship is to either agree to stay the same with someone who doesn't want to grow or choose to be with someone who's excited about the process of elevation with you.

Their account has a verified checkmark

Catfishes are the absolute worst. Unfortunately, catfishes are incredibly common when it comes to dating apps. Some people create catfish profiles because they're ashamed of what they look like and want to connect with others under the guise of someone else's persona. Others create catfish profiles because they're just bored and want to stir up drama and chaos for the thrill of it. Whatever someone's reason might be for starting a catfish profile, you definitely don't want to be on the other end of that connection. 


Some dating apps like Bumble and Tinder offer verification checkmarks, which allow users to prove they are truly who they say they are. The verification process may differ depending on the app, but it usually involves taking a selfie for photo verification to ensure they match the photos on the profile. Once you're verified on a dating app, others will know that you're real. You can avoid matching with a catfish by only interacting with other accounts that are also verified.

They're happy to arrange solid date plans with you

The greatest green flag of all on a dating app is arguably matching with someone who's happy to arrange solid date plans with you. Dating app matches who plan real dates prove they care about getting to know you in the real world. Lackluster invites for you to "come over" or "hang out" are downright lazy in comparison. There's also a slew of dating app users who only swipe on matches whenever they're feeling bored, lonely, or in need of a confidence boost. 


They don't have any intention of ever meeting their matches in person. They're content to communicate via text as penpals would. If the person you've matched with hasn't made plans to meet you in person within about two weeks, it's time to cut your losses and move on. There's no reason the person you've been chatting with should be hesitant about meeting you for a date unless there's something they're hiding from you. A real relationship will probably fail to blossom without cultivating a connection in each other's presence.