Peaches & Cream Nails: The Delicious, Minimalist Mani Trend Perfect For Long Summer Days

There is something so timeless about pastels. The delicate colors have the power to not only look good on everyone but could really be worn all year round. Over the years we have seen with many examples, how flattering, understated colors can become a statement piece. It only makes sense that we incorporate pastels into our next manicure to give the subtle pop we all are looking for.

Peaches and cream nails are the color that everyone needs to be running to the nail technician to get. The pastel peach was first seen on Jennifer Lopez at "The Flash'"s red-carpet premiere, and it has been quickly making waves. This is a new take on the nude nail trend that allows you to wear minimalist nails without them looking boring. Peaches and cream nails are also a great base to do really fun things with your tips, that will have everyone talking.

Add a touch of gold

While this peaches and cream color is amazing on its own, it never hurts to add a little sparkle. This beautiful light peach color would complement gold so well and it can be incorporated easily into your next manicure. Ask your manicurist to use gold nail stickers to really have your design pop against the polish.

Create a gorgeous ombré look

Baby boomer nails are a decades-old classic, that can use a modern remix. Instead of using the classic baby pink as the base, consider using the peaches and cream nail color instead. Doing this creates the perfect pastel ombré that would look amazing on any occasion.

Make it groovy with a swirl design

Swirly designs always add a '70s vibe that we all know and love. These are great because you can add shades of orange and pink to create a psychedelic look that you're sure to love. To get the look, ask your nail technician to change the line shapes for each nail to create a unique look.

Consider adding an encapsulated nail

If you're looking to channel your inner trendsetter, an encapsulated nail is the way to do it. Almond Nails describe it best as gems and glitter captured inside two layers of nail product. This looks amazing next to your peaches and cream tips while adding a touch of personality.