Body Slugging Is Key To Battling Post-Shave Bumps - Here's How To Do It

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"Strawberry legs," ingrown hairs, and razor burn are some of the most common skin complaints from people who routinely shave their bodies. There are several potential causes of these conditions, many of which boil down to the way you shave. Shaving your bare skin without the soothing buffer of shaving cream or gel is a common culprit, as is using a razor with a dull blade.


For some, red or dark bumps exist on the legs and upper arms thanks to a genetic predisposition to a condition known as keratosis pilaris, which causes a buildup of excess keratin around the hair follicles that results in bumps that can mimic dry skin, according to the Cleveland Clinic. While keratosis pilaris can't be cured, an intentional skincare routine like body slugging can make a drastic difference in its appearance. If you struggle with bumps in the areas you shave, give this simple body slugging routine a try.

Step one: Dry brush your legs

Dry brushing is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual said to exfoliate the skin while increasing circulation and encouraging lymphatic drainage. When it comes to body slugging to address bumps on the skin, gentle physical exfoliation is exactly what you're after. First, get yourself a body brush with natural bristles. You can snag a wooden option with natural boar bristles by TOUCH ME for around $10 on Amazon.


Next, set aside time for dry brushing before each shower or bath. Lightly drag your brush's natural bristles up your legs from your feet toward your hips. If you struggle with bumps or dry skin on the rest of your body, brush those areas as well. Once you've finished brushing, shower or bathe and shave as you normally would, making sure to use shaving cream and a sharp razor.

If you don't eventually start to see results from dry brushing, consider trying a chemical exfoliant. Just be sure not to dry brush and chemically exfoliate on the same day to prevent irritation.

Step two: Seal in the moisture

Once you've exfoliated and shaved, it's time to moisturize like you've never moisturized before. Dry your skin with a soft towel and while your skin is still hydrated from the warm water of your shower or bath, apply your usual moisturizer. Be sure to work extra product into your knees, ankles, and any other areas that are prone to dryness and bumps. Let this layer of moisturizer soak in for a few minutes while you put on your makeup or style your hair.


After your freshly shaved skin has absorbed your moisturizer, it's time to go in with your secret weapon: a dry body oil, which simply refers to an oil that is light enough to be completely absorbed by the skin, leaving no oily residue. Since oil is still a heavier product than a standard moisturizer, applying it as the last step in your routine will seal in the hydration you already applied and protect the skin's barrier from water loss. The result? Buttery smooth shaved skin.