Wait, People Are Giving Themselves Fake Tan Lines? The TikTok Trend, Explained

From tan-through swimwear to diligent sunscreen application, it seems most of us have been doing just about everything we can to avoid swimsuit strap tan lines — so, you certainly aren't alone if the latest trend on TikTok has you a bit baffled. But with contour reigning supreme for so long, it's also not a total shock that fake tan lines would eventually emerge using similar techniques.


If you've spent time trying to correct tan lines, you're probably wondering why they're suddenly a coveted look. The logic behind this trend may have something to do with the whimsical nature of those bikini top strap lines peeking out of a summery tank top or sundress. It's reminiscent of the endless summer mood we all know and love — those days spent essentially living in a swimsuit, traversing from sea to sand and back again. And while you could obtain the look from literal sunshine, we know that sun protection is important, so fake tan lines are the next best thing. You can achieve them with the same makeup products you use for regular contouring. 

How to get the fake tan line look

In order to recreate false bikini strap tan lines, all you'll need is some thin crafting tape, bronzer, blush, and your favorite makeup brushes, according to beauty guru  @erinduganjurchak's TikTok video. Simply apply the tape right where your swimsuit straps would be and then apply your bronzer and blush over the tape. You'll want to spend a fair amount of time making sure the product is well blended and spread evenly over your chest. Next — the fun part — lift the tape and you'll see your "sun-kissed" results.


It's key to make sure that the bronzer you choose to use isn't too far off from your natural skin tone since you obviously won't be using the bronzer all over your entire body. The fun, flirty, fake tan lines look like the real deal and while not all tan lines are cute (ahem, high socks and shorts), we are definitely here for these ones. Pair with a cute tank or spaghetti strap dress for ultimate summer night vibes.

You could also use self-tanner

The look could also potentially be achieved with self-tanner for longer lasting fake tan lines. You could use your actual swimsuit to obtain the faux tan lines, or you could take the same route with the tape lines — which might give a more even result, as the swimsuit straps are prone to shifting and rubbing with the self-tanner. 


If you do opt to try out the bronzer rather than self-tanner (which will eventually dry), be sure to avoid wearing lighter colored tops with your new faux tan lines, as your trick will likely be exposed when the makeup rubs off on your shirt.

If this TikTok trend isn't proof enough that beauty standards are constantly evolving, we aren't sure what is, and that's a great reminder to love yourself as you are. However, playing with makeup is always a fun venture. And a beauty trend that keeps our skin healthy and safe? It doesn't get much better than that.