Thongkini: The Bold 2023 Swimwear Trend Made Popular By Kendall Jenner

Some might argue that Brazilians did it first, and they'd be right, but Kendall Jenner's influence on the North American market is not to be undermined. If we're honest, the supermodel arguably single-handedly started the micro-shorts instead of pants trend last fall, and we thank her for her services. Who needs pants when moderate-coverage underwear and tights pair together seamlessly? Certainly not us.


And what does Jenner have up her sleeve for the hotter months, you may be asking? While micro-shorts are still a great option for the summer, the oldest of the Jenner duo seems to be pivoting to thong bikinis. She's been spotted in a small green bikini that promises great times ahead for the upcoming hot season. The model herself posted some gorgeous photos with enviable backgrounds of white sand and clear water, looking stunning in her skimpy knit bikini and setting the tone for all of us beach bums and our future beachwear. We're definitely flocking to buy some thongkinis for ourselves, before the hot weather arrives.

The Brazilian cut

Brazilian beaches have a certain decades-long reputation for harboring and embracing the skimpiest, hottest beachwear possible. Brazilian women themselves have been setting the standards and serving as an example for tourists, who often come to buy bathing suits and enjoy the lovely South American sunshine. But is the rest of the world finally catching on?


If you want to sport the true Brazilian bikini cut, you want to look for thin, hip-hugging straps and triangle thongs. Authentic Brazilian brands are a great option, but many local swimsuit labels take inspiration from the Brazilian cut and charge less for shipping.

The Los Angeles thongkini

The Los Angeles thongkini is simply Americans attempting to catch up with the long-revered Brazilian bikini cut. And let us just say, the Californian take on thong bikinis is pretty flattering, as well.


If you want to embody the same fun, flirty, and fabulous energy Kendall Jenner gives in her beach photos, you need to choose your thongkini carefully. Not every thongy bikini bottom allows for worry-free mobility. Tie up bottoms are a great option for this trend because they hug the hips as tightly as the wearer desires, and the coverage (both front and back) is typically adjustable.

The modest cheeky cut

For those beachgoers who want the flattering cut of a skimpier bikini bottom, but don't want to show too much skin, the cheeky bottom is the way to go. A happy medium between thong and full coverage, a cheeky bottom is a daring yet secure choice.


If you want all your bits to be covered comfy but your buns to still be able to bake in the sun, a cheeky bikini bottom has you covered. Or, at least partly covered. Many cheeky bottoms come with scrunching in the middle to create a flattering shape for anyone's beach bum.

The Barbie doll thong

You might remember a certain Photoshop controversy with our beautiful Jenner trendsetter. It involved one tiny red bikini and one perfect body, and it's still pretty divisive. We won't deny that some small, blessed number of our population can pull off skimpy thong bikinis better than others (or at least more comfortably), and so their existence can't be faulted.


If this is you and you seek the least coverage possible, now is the time to go bikini shopping since most brands are currently profiting from the thongkini trend, anyway. The lesser the coverage, the cuter the tan lines.

The comfy thong

The opposite is also true. While some people may be able to wear tiny bathing suits with no repercussions, some of us have more to cover than others down there — and there's zero shame there! While most brands seem to overlook those of us who want skimpy swimsuits with sufficient front view coverage, we're not completely hopeless.


To shop for the best amount of coverage for your body, study the brand and their photos. Certain brands make it a point to make thong bikinis with more V coverage, while with other brands you may want to size up for enough coverage.