TikTok Bobby Pin Hack Finally Makes It Possible To Put On Bracelets With Ease

If you've ever put on a clasped bracelet without any help, we commend you. It's not always an easy feat to wrangle the ends of your bracelet together swiftly on the first try or as you're running out the door. Usually, you'll need someone else around you to help clamp it on. But what if there were an easier way to do it yourself when no one else happens to be around? Luckily, TikTok has a quick hack that makes putting on your bracelets a breeze. 


There are tons of videos circulating on the app of people trying out this tip. All you need is a bobby pin, which will act like a third (very tiny) finger to hold the loop in place, along with your bracelets of choice. It's helpful whether you wear just one piece of jewelry, or when you pair multiple bracelets for a timeless, stylish stack. Just know that this specific technique works well for bracelets that have a latch or clasp that connects each end. For bracelets that are tied on, you'll likely need someone else's assistance. Though no one's quite sure who discovered this tip, we think they were definitely sent down from the heavens to help us with our jewelry needs. 

The bobby pin hack

Take your bobby pin and slide one of its prongs all the way through the loop of your bracelet on the end where the clasp will connect. If your bracelet has adjustable rings for size, put the bobby pin through the appropriate ring that will fit you. Next, hold the bobby pin to your palm using your fingers to press it down. The loop of the bracelet should be nestled tightly against the bend of the bobby pin. This way, one end of the bracelet is held in place so you can attach the clasp without any trouble. 


The last step is to wrap the other end of the bracelet around your wrist to meet the bobby pin and attach the two ends together. You can take the bobby pin off once the bracelet is securely on your wrist. It's really that easy! This hack is perfect for charm bracelets, chain bracelets, tennis bracelets, or any other bracelets that are difficult to put on with just one hand.

Easy alternatives to the hack

Don't have a bobby pin or the time to scour your bathroom to find one? Fortunately, there are some other options that still allow you to easily put a bracelet on without any trouble. The first one requires only a piece of tape. It can be any kind of tape as long as it doesn't harm your skin. Medical silicone tape is one of the best options, per Strouse. Stick one end of the bracelet to your wrist with the tape and then fasten your bracelet together with the clasp. The tape holds the bracelet in place just like a bobby pin does.


If all else fails, you can rely on a wall or hard surface to help you out as well. Loop the bracelet around your wrist and lean it against the wall or surface to keep the jewelry still while you fasten the bracelet together. To see all of these tips in action, check out TikTok user @westvalejewellery's video. Once you master them, you won't need anyone to help you with your bracelets anymore!