Tennis Bracelets Are The Retro Statement Jewelry Trend Making A Comeback

When choosing the perfect jewelry piece in which to invest, the odds are many will tell you it's the tennis bracelet. This dainty bracelet is known as a simple way to elevate any look. Although a tennis bracelet is a classic choice for jewelry, up until recently, it was long forgotten and undervalued. Many opted for big and bolder jewelry pieces, so this minimalist piece was tossed to the side. However, with the rise of quiet luxury and other sophisticated fashion trends, the tennis bracelet is back as a must-have piece.

The tennis bracelet has a rich history as a symbol of class and luxury. These dainty pieces are typically composed of small diamonds complete with a clasp. Historically, this piece has been a favorite of celebrities, athletes, and royalty. While known for its simple design, the tennis bracelet can now be found in various colors and shapes. However, the most iconic design is that of a single strand of diamonds. These pieces have also become more widely accessible, making them easy to find within your price range. No matter the current trends, tennis bracelets are a worthy investment that is timeless and flexible for any era.

The classic tennis bracelet

There's no denying that the tennis bracelet is an ultra-classic and timeless jewelry piece that can raise the elegance of any look. No matter whether you choose a more traditional or modern tennis bracelet, these pieces add extra glam and shine to your collection. Despite what current pieces are trending, few pieces can stand the test of time like that of a tennis bracelet.

The modern tennis bracelet

Today's tennis bracelets are not always composed of the same square-shaped diamonds we've all grown to love. Nowadays, you can easily find tennis bracelets with circular diamonds or other shapes. These small but modern updates have made it easier to find a style of bracelet that best suits you. You can also find tennis bracelets with fewer diamonds that show more of the chain, giving you an even more minimalist look. For those looking for something even more fun, colorful gems can replace the traditional diamond in a tennis bracelet.

Simple tennis bracelet stack

There's some truth behind the saying that less is more. While there's no issue with packing your arm with bracelets, there is beauty in a single tennis bracelet worn on the wrist. Add one other matching bracelet to your wrist for a chic pairing that will emphasize the simplicity of your tennis bracelet. Although low in quantity, a pair of stylish tennis bracelets is more than enough to get the luxurious look.

Multi-stacked tennis bracelets

Previously, tennis bracelets were worn on their own, with no other accompanying jewelry pieces. Because these pieces were seen as luxurious and minimalist, there was no need to add additional pieces. However, that concept is in the past, and, now, the trend is the more the merrier. There's no limit to the number of bracelets an arm stack should have, leaving it entirely up to you as to how many you want to wear. Consider combining chunkier and thinner tennis bracelets in one for a layered look that will dazzle your arm.

Match your metals

No need to choose between silver or gold because tennis bracelets come in various metals to best suit the jewelry you already own. It's essential to pick the metal that can best pair with your jewelry, as the tennis bracelet is one piece you'll want to wear every day. Pick the color that's already present in your jewelry collection so you have the ability to wear all of your pieces at once. Even though it's dainty, you can still wear it along with your other favorite pieces.

Thick tennis bracelets

We've all seen tennis bracelets as thin and small pieces of jewelry that look almost too delicate to touch. While this is definitely still part of the trend, there's also a thicker option for those looking for more glam. Thick tennis bracelets are bolder and make more of a statement due to the larger diamonds and fit with the chunky '80s-inspired jewelry trend. However, there's no denying that these pieces still exude elegance and timelessness. Although they may not fit with your everyday jewelry, these thick tennis bracelets are still a great addition to your dressier outfits.