Goodbye, Quiet Luxury - Hello, Big & Bold Jewelry As 2023's Hottest Trend

It's time to get a little wild with your jewelry choices in 2023. While it's true that you'll always be making the safe choice by opting for dainty pieces that don't stand out in super significant ways, it's way more fun to rock big and bold jewelry. The bigger your jewelry is, the more obvious it will visually be to anyone who looks in your direction. 

After all, when you wear bold jewelry, you make a bold statement! You're letting the world know you're the furthest thing from shy or timid. Big and bold jewelry showcases just how social, outgoing, and welcoming you are as you put yourself out there in any environment. Dainty jewelry certainly had its time to shine over the last few years, but you can leave all your smaller pieces tucked away in your jewelry box for a while. Quiet luxury is being stomped out by 2023's hottest new trend of bold jewelry.

Dangly earrings

Dangly earrings are an easy starting point for anyone trying to branch out with their jewelry choices this year. You might absolutely adore what your ears look like with cute little studs, but now is the time to experiment with dangly earrings that drip low enough to reach the bottom of your chin.

Big earrings + multiple face studs

Wearing big earrings is one thing, but getting creative with loads of different facial piercings is an even more exciting way to go. This is only something to try if you're willing to take that leap. Facial piercings aren't for everyone, but if you're into them then you're in luck. What could be bolder than facial piercings paired with oversized earrings?

Bow chokers

There's something super adorable about wearing jewelry that's decked out with bow-shaped decor, and ribbon-bow jewelry is on trend. Choker necklaces are supposed to be thought of as sexy and sensual, but it's easier for you to maintain a more innocent vibe if your choker necklace has a cute bow perched on the front of it.

Charm bracelets

What would the world even be without charm bracelets? Charm bracelets have been all the rage for many decades. In 2023, you can start spending more time collecting pretty charms that can be added to your bracelets of choice. The best thing about charm bracelets is that you can select shapes that represent anything important to you from your favorite sport to your favorite food item.

Girly aesthetic

Showing off a girly aesthetic is a total vibe that anyone can easily achieve. Leaning into your feminine energy can look many different ways, and one of those ways is selecting pieces of jewelry that are considered textbook girly — like pinks, purples, and florals. You can have even more fun with girly jewelry by matching your necklaces to your bracelets.

Butterfly necklaces

One of the reasons people absolutely love the imagery of a butterfly is that it represents the beauty of growth. Butterflies go through a metamorphosis when they transform from caterpillars into beautifully winged creatures. When you rock butterfly-shaped jewelry, it lets the world know exactly how confident you are in your own skin.

Multi-layered necklaces

Multi-layered necklaces will simply never go out of style. Even if you think they're played out and overdone, they're still on trend. People have been layering necklaces for years, and this trend lives on in 2023. Since adding multiple necklaces to one look takes away from the simplicity of one solo piece of jewelry, it helps you achieve a bold and beautiful result.

Cutesy hair clips

Cutesy hair clips are absolutely perfect if you need adorable accessories to hold your hair out of your face. Some people prefer sweeping their hair back with rubber bands and scrunchies, but you can leave the majority of your hair down if all you're relying on are a small handful of cutesy hair clips.

Gothic drip necklaces

If you're the type of person who loves the gothic or glam ghoul aesthetic, gothic drip necklaces are definitely meant for you. There are tons of big and bold pieces of jewelry you can wear this year, but to achieve the ideal gothic aesthetic, opt for creepy-looking necklaces that offer some haunting flair.

Chandelier earrings

You don't have to be standing in the middle of an elaborate mansion to admire the ambiance of an elegant chandelier. Chandelier earrings will have you looking totally chic for your next night out, with or without mansion access. The way they dangle and drip on both sides of your face will have you looking like royalty.

Spiked chokers

Spiked chokers are just about as edgy as it gets for big and bold jewelry pieces in 2023. Chokers are already edgy on their own without any extra details or texture. When you add spikes to the mix, you take your overall look 10 steps further. Wearing a spiked choker lets the world know you're not someone who can easily be messed with.

Pom-pom earrings

You don't have to be a cheerleader to totally appreciate how cute pom-pom earrings are. Pom-pom earrings are shaped just like the vibrantly colorful pom-poms that cheerleaders shake as they perform different dance routines on the sidelines of football games. You can make your pom-pom earrings look more special when you match them with your eyeshadow color.

Candy necklaces

Candy necklaces that are actually edible were super fun to wear (and eat) as children. Now, you can rock candy necklaces all day long in your adulthood since they aren't actually made of sugar. Candy necklaces have been designed for the most fashionable individuals in 2023 out of hard plastic that won't dissolve if you're splashed with liquids.

So many pearls

Pearls are beyond elegant when it comes to bold jewelry that makes a statement in 2023. Pearls have been worn by the most elite members of society for many years, and they aren't going to fade away into oblivion anytime soon. The best part? When you layer your pearls, you make them much easier to admire.

Moonchild necklaces

When you hear the nickname "moonchild," you probably think of Cancer signs on the zodiac chart. You don't have to be a Cancer in accordance with astrology to call yourself a true moonchild, though. Wearing moon-shaped jewelry gives you the chance to show off a more soft and sensitive side of yourself.

Glitz and glamour

It looks like 2023 is gearing up to be the year of glitz and glamour. You might be the type of person who prefers to keep things a little more low-key with your jewelry on a daily basis. If that's the case, branch out of your comfort zone a bit and opt for glitzy and glamorous pieces before your next night out on the town.

Dreamcatcher earrings

Dreamcatchers are used to help you gain better control over the dreams (and nightmares) you have. If you've been having tons of nightmares, you're supposed to hang a gorgeous dreamcatcher over your bed to keep your mind from going to dark places. Dreamcatcher earrings are designed to remind you of the magic actual dreamcatchers provide.

Chain chokers

Chokers can be made out of any material you can think of, but when they're made out of chains, they allow you to look way edgier than usual. After all, there's nothing small or simple about layered chokers made of chains. This is another piece of jewelry that fits into the gothic girl aesthetic if that's what you're going for.

Golden goddess jewelry

Who wouldn't want to feel like a golden goddess? The goddesses of Greek mythology are known for being mystical and powerful individuals. When you wear jewelry that represents the vibe of a golden goddess, you end up fitting right in with those memorable and beautiful iconic figures.

Bold statement earrings

If the biggest goal you have in mind for 2023 is to start rocking bigger and bolder pieces of jewelry, you're going to certainly need some statement earrings. The bigger your earrings are, the more they'll stand out wherever you go! You could be lost in the middle of a bustling crowd, but your large statement earrings will still have people looking your way.

Flower decals

Flower decals make everything more fun. You don't have to wait until your next vacation to a tropical island like Hawaii or Barbados to start decorating yourself with flower decals. You'll feel like you're on vacation all the time when you place flower decals strategically near your face and in your hair.

Blissful blue earrings

Blue is one of the most beloved colors in the rainbow since it's recognized for being calming and soothing. Because it's such a relaxing color, it makes sense that you'd want to select pieces of bold jewelry in various shades of blue. When you're rocking blissful blue statement pieces, consider getting matchy-matchy with your clothing and makeup, as well.

Bone necklaces

Bone necklaces are downright creepy in some cases, but they're also incredibly creative and stunning in others. When you think of bones, you don't have to automatically envision the inside of a human body or the appearance of human remains. Instead, think of bone jewelry as something that will have you looking more daring, adventurous, and mysterious.

Artsy earrings

If you think of yourself as an artistic person, then artsy earrings should be at the top of your list for 2023. Artsy earrings are symbolic of blank canvases covered in colorful streaks of paint telling stories with deeper meanings and messages. The best part about artsy earrings is that they're usually filled with tons of color making it easy to pair them with almost anything you wear.